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Topic Happy holidays, NuRVers!
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Happy holidays, NuRVers!
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Dec 25 2009, 2:47 pm - By Emmymau

For wherever your travels have taken you this year, and for those who have yet to hit the road, however much closer you are to launch, and for the places you'll go next year, we raise a virtual glass of your holiday drink of choice (rum-free eggnog for me, please) and wish you good luck.  We're glad to be a part of this group, and grateful that we aren't alone in this weirdo lifestyle.


--Emmy & Lexie

1995 National RV Dolphin 533--the Incorrigible
1993 Ford Ranger--not yet named
Mushroom--the ship's cat

Dec 25 2009, 4:32 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Merry Christmas from sunny Malibu, CA! I am wishing everyone empty tanks, a level rig, and warmth and sunshine today!!


I, too, am very grateful for this wonderful group. I do hope to meet up with more in this coming year!



I have washboard abs. They are just hidden under 50#s of laundry.
Dec 25 2009, 11:15 pm - Replied by: Technomadia

Ditto ditto! I count amongst our blessings of this year the opportunity to be part of this community, and meeting up with many of you on the road.

Here's to an adventurous 2010!


- Cherie 

Cherie and Chris / Technomads / www.technomadia.com
1961 GM 4106 - Vintage Bus
On the road since 2006 

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