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Friggin' bulbs
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Dec 17 2009, 2:01 am - By smthng

Hey all, I'm having some bulb issues...  we only have a few incandescent lights in our Newmar, but I don't much care for flourescents when reading, so they get a fair amount of use.  One of our fixtures uses a 1076 12v bulb and they're ridiculously hard to find (and it eats them regularly).

Does anyone know of a substitute for the 1076's that will work?

Anyone know a decent place to get LED versions of it without getting robbed?

Just out of curiosity, why would someone decide to use a twin base bulb with only one filament... other than making customers hunt for it and pay hefty, of course. :S

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Dec 17 2009, 4:17 am - Replied by: Technomadia

We, and several of our Oliver Travel Trailer owning friends, got our LED light replacements via:




We had a bit of a shipping frustration in getting ours, but considering all of our friends who did LED replacements via them had excellent service - we're considering ours an isolated incident.  

Apparently, if you call them - they are quite friendly and will help guide you through picking your ideal replacement bulbs.  LEDs are expensive in general, but their prices were great in comparison to other places we shopped.  And, they're located in the San Francisco Bay area.

 Best wishes, 

 - Cherie 

Cherie and Chris / Technomads / www.technomadia.com
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On the road since 2006 

Dec 17 2009, 6:30 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Have you tried auto parts stores for the 1076 bulbs? I think I have always picked up a pack when I go to auto parts stores because they are pretty cheap there. Or, you can just order a pallet full to last you the next year :)  Google Shopping Listings


Would love an LED replacement for that too. They are usually costly, but last a long time. I have no experience with them, but know a lot of RVers use superbrightleds.com as well. They win the Ugly Website Award :)




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Jul 12 2010, 5:58 pm - Replied by: SL1966

Hey Cherie,

What's the life of the LED bulbs been like for you? 

Jul 31 2010, 3:32 pm - Replied by: SL1966

So after copious amounts of research into LED bulbs for trailer the cost totals out to about $180.00 for 10 bulbs. Is that about right/average cost of them?

And do they last as long as they say they will. I've heard and read 50x longer than an incandescent bulb. Is that right?
Jul 31 2010, 4:02 pm - Replied by: Technomadia

Yup.. LED is expensive.. those prices seem about right. 

I don't know how long an inandesent is supposed to last.  I can say that we've been running our LEDs for 2 years now in our Oliver, and have only had to replace two (which were defects in the bulb, I believe.. not the tech themselves.). 

 - Cherie

Cherie and Chris / Technomads / www.technomadia.com
1961 GM 4106 - Vintage Bus
On the road since 2006 

Jul 31 2010, 7:36 pm - Replied by: SL1966

Thanks Cherie. 
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