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Saint Louis
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Feb 08 2008, 3:01 am - By Moder2

Kev, if you don' mind I'm gonna plug our park for a second...  

Saint Louis RV Park (www.stlouisrvpark.com) is where we have been staying.  The park is downtown, and a bit nontraditional as RV parks go.  Hanging out on the edge of the downtown area, and the closest St. Louis park to most area attractions.

To elborate, the park is self is not a lush green woodsy type park.  It is a parking lot with hookups.  It's spots are tight, and the whole place still carries the feel of it's build date in the 80's.  So why do we like it here?

First off as Non Trad RVers, it is super convienent to Saint Louis.  We can walk downtown, Derek can be at work in less than 10 mins without getting on a freeway.  For that matter you can be anywhere in Metro STL in less than 20.  Now add to that our safe haven in a fenced in lot, across from the police station, and within walking distence of a great convience store and several resturants, on main bus lines, and very good cab service, you have a unique urban experiance that not many people get to experiance when RVing.  Now, add in the totally awesome park owners, who would not only give you the clothes off thier backs, but show you how to put them on, a very clean and well kept building offering the normal conviences you would expect in any 'Full-timer' geared park-- Showers/restrooms, laundry, WiFi, a meetingroom, and a nice pool.

It may not be for everyone, but it works for us, and we make a point of staying here whenever in STL.  

Oh, I want to clarifiy, I call in Our Park.  I workcamp here, and I really want to make it clear that the owners make us feel like we are truley park of their family-- Like we are a major part of thier business.

 They take a lot fo pride in thier business, and depend on workcampers for help.  They are looking for two more couples for the summer season if anyone is interested, send me a PM and I will get you in touch with them!


Feb 08 2008, 3:29 am - Replied by: KevsKnight

Great review John! This is exactly what this forum should be - good experiences (or bad ones) to help us all out.

I am going to try to figure out a way to add markers to our Big Map to show some of the cool places to stay. I know how to do it manually, but would like to figure out a way to add the entries to the database and dynamically post them.  

Ang and I stayed at a park in Denver that we described as a "parking lot with full hookups". It was, however, not quite the experience you guys are having   I fully expected to go back to the coach after going out to dinner and find it up on blocks, then seeing some '69 Impalla rollin on 'Double Deuce and a Half"s

Here is a link to the overhead view - St Louis RV Park 



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Feb 08 2008, 2:04 pm - Replied by: Moder2

Kev, you might want to send Scot Hicks and email I know he has done a bunch of google map hacks, and has his blog setup to just enter the lat/long.  You could program a field in this forum to ask for the Lat/Long, or an option to select the location on the map?   Not sure, I'm not the computer programer...  :)

Yes, that is the right spot.  If you use Google Maps, you can get in a bit closer. 3  years ago when we were here the area was a bit worse off than it is now.  23 years ago, this was the biggest gettho in STL I am told, worse than Cabrini Green...  Now that the downtown area is back on an upswing, it is coming around, but I wouldn't say it is rodeo drive yet.  It is certainly an Urban experiance, and may not be for everyone.  We have never felt unsafe here, although we are smart north white boys who don't take foolish chances, and try to be aware of what really is going on around us.

We like cities, but realize that more people tend to lead to city problems.  To us that is part of this entire experiance, and we much rather be here, than in the stoggy suburbs or "land of soccer mom and minivan."


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