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A/V - Is it a house, car, or both?
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Jun 21 2009, 11:43 pm - By smthng

Hey all,

We're getting closer to our eventual purchase of an RV and I'm trying to plan the "stuff" I'm going to want.  One of the toughest ones is how to handle audio and video entertainment.  I'm a bit of an audio freak...  I don't need a $2000 system or anything, but I know the standard system isn't going to do what I need.  What are my options?

I have two main concerns... Driving and Not Driving. ;) 

Driving, I want tunes and they have to sound good.  Not loud or thumping or anything, I just need to be able to hear my music clearly.  I can pretty much handle that side of the house using a car stereo system of some kind (probably the same system I put in my Jeep, just better speakers that don't need to be water proof).  It will be "feature loaded"... bluetooth for the phones, USB, memory card input, etc.  Probably a small amp to power it all.

But, when I'm parked, that dash mounted system isn't going to cut it...  I have a PS3 and a lot of Blu-ray movies.  I need my 7.1 system for that puppy!  Again, loud isn't a requirement.  Small and decent quality sound are.  The PS3 has to run 110v, although an inverter might be an option (probably not).  The HD LCD will also have to run 110v, so I have to have some kind of house power already. 

Should I just bite the bullet and plan on putting in a small 7.1 amp/reciever in and power it off of the 110?

Is it even possible without major electrical engineering geniuses to come up with one system that can handle both driving and parked duties?

BTW... this will be for a smallish motorhome, not a 5th wheel.  I'm not adverse to chasing down and replacing original wiring and gutting whatever it comes with. ;)

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Jun 22 2009, 4:26 pm - Replied by: Emmymau

If you plan on getting an RV with an onboard generator or running on shore power, 110v won't be a problem, obviously.  Many newer coaches and towables have inverters already installed, too.
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