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EXISTING verizon wireless customers may want to read this
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May 20 2009, 1:40 pm - By EVDOalex

Verizon's recent changes to their Mobile Broadband plans include new lower overage charges, and a new tethering plan for non-PDA phones...

If you are an EXISTING verizon wireless customer who started a Mobile BroadBand (aka BroadBandAccess) plan that uses an aircard or USB modem AFTER March 2008, your plan is likely to be exposed to overage charges of $0.25 per megabyte ($250/GB).

The new lower overage charge of $0.05/MB ($50/GB) will NOT be applied to your account unless you ASK for it. (go figure)

You'll need to call verizon customer service at (800) 922-0204 and tell them you want the new/lower overage charges for your service.

IF YOU HAVE UNLIMITED SERVICE because your service/contract started BEFORE March 2008 -- obviously, you do NOT want to ask for the lower overage charges!

Those of you who have a verizon cell phone and have been paying $59.99/mo for the "data feature" that allows you to tether your phone to a computer for internet access... the feature is now $49.99/mo but you must again contact VZW and stop the feature and restart it, in order to qualify for the new lower price.

full details are at: EVDOinfo.com Tip of the Week #6:
Making Sense of the New Verizon Mobile BroadBand Policies

hopefully, this post helps some folks save money on their existing verizon service.
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