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Tethering a cellphone for Mobile Broadband
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May 04 2009, 9:36 pm - By EVDOalex

While manning a booth in Albuquerque NM for theRally.com we helped quite a few RVers learn that tethering a cellphone can provide high speed internet access and you can easily turn the service on and off -- paying only for the days when service is needed.

It was especially eye-opening for the part-timers who have typically avoided mobile broadband because the 1 or 2yr contract requirement was a dealbreaker for them. Tethering is a phone "feature" and does not require a contract.

Another thing many found surprising is that the chipset technology in many newer cell phones are now just as fast as dedicated data devices like USB modems and "aircards". Not all phones are handicapped with slower data speeds.

We will maintain a list of the current Verizon and Sprint phones/PDAs that can be used for tethering at:


On a related note... many who tether need to share that internet connectivity with more than one computer and swapping the USB cable back and forth between computer gets old, really fast. So does deciding whose turn it is!

We will maintain this other article that lists Verizon and Sprint phones that we've successfully operated with specific models of cradlepoint cellular routers:


Users interested in doing the same with their phones must realize that while your phone may work as our test units did, if your model phone is not on cradlepoint's list of officially supported devices -- you cannot expect cradlepoint to provide technical support if you have issues.
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May 04 2009, 9:59 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Great info - thanks Alex!


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