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Full-time RV'ers with LLC. Need tax info

User Article   5215 Views   By Krisandglory on Sep 14 2013, 7:14 pm
Hi all, this is Kris and  here is my first post on here (Glory has made many as I understand). I have a question for any of you with experience as an independent contractor - contracted to a single company, who is full-time RV'ing.

- My LLC is registered in Arizona at my parents address.
- Our legal residence is still in Washington State until our house sells, but we have the option of signing up for a mailbox service in Seattle and using their address
- Our RV, licenses, insurance, etc are all set up in Washington
- Washington has no personal income tax, Arizona does
- According to http://dor.wa.gov/content/contactus/con_residdef.aspx I am a legal Washington resident.

- While traveling the country, working from our RV, do I pay state taxes (which don't exist) only to the state where we have established residency, or do I pay tax to Arizona (does have state tax)?
- Would I be better of nuking the Arizona LLC and forming a Washington LLC?
- Does anybody have any information to make this very easy?

Thanks all
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Hi there - yes, it would be better for you to set up your LLC in a state that does not have income tax. You pay state income tax to the state where you earn money - so if you're workamping and get a W-2 (or a 1099)from say, California, you will have to pay tax to California on the money you earned there. Since you're a resident of a state with no income tax any income you earn in that state, like income paid to a Washington LLC, would not be taxed.
Thanks for your input Technomadia. I definitely plan to consult with a tax pro at some point, but you are pretty much saying the same as others and, since I'm working as a single-entity, I suppose it will all be rather simple. Cheers! Kris
Hi guys.. it's probably best to consult a small business attorney or tax advisor for your question. I can share however, that at one time we had our domicile in SD and our business LLC in FL. Our attorney advised that everything personal would be handled through SD (our domicile) and anything business in FL. But of course, neither state had personal income tax,and I have no idea how Arizona will want to treat you - but I would think you would only file for any business related taxes there, not personal. Unless of course, you found yourself doing business in AZ, then that could change things. Again, probably something to ask a professional in this field familiar with WA and AZ laws.

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