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Craft Beer and Dog Parks - What's yours?

User Article   2497 Views   By Trippinwithstanley on Oct 10 2011, 5:59 pm
As many fulltimers may already know, once you finally break free from the "real world" and give yourself the opportunity to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, the options can soon become vast and overwhelming. Not a huge problem to have in the grand scheme of things, but it can make travel planning a bit more difficult.

When Brian and I first started out on the road just over a year ago, all we knew is we were going West. Our first stop was in Colorado Springs and we had no clue what to do, so we looked up a brewery and headed for a beer. It turned out to be the most pivotal decision on our trip. Seeking brewery after brewery not only allowed us to see incredible scenery and seek out destinations we never would have discovered otherwise, but even more beneficial was the advice we would get from the locals we would talk to at the brewery. Brian and I joke that it's our "Visitor Center" when we go to a new city and don't know anyone we just belly up at the bar and wahllah, you've got tips on the best places to eat, see, hike, whatever your pleasure!

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After we left Colorado we had visited nearly 20 breweries, which really isn't that hard to do (there are just over 110 total) but incredible when I look back at it, seeing as we were only in CO just over a week. We've slowed our travel pace down quite considerably since then, but the brewery visits have continued. To date we've been to 120 breweries and now write about all our visits at TheRoamingPint.com - If you are interested at all in brewery stops while you travel and would like advice just let us know! We love talking brewery visits with people and if we haven't been to an area yet, chances are I can find some of my beer friends that have and get tips from them. We have also found that RVing to breweries sometimes can be very convenient, street parking nearby or in some cases just crashing in their parking lot! If there was anything worse than driving drunk it may be driving your home drunk, so just don't do it. It's not necessary!

After talking with other NuRVer friends we realized it is common to have something to seek out while you travel. Many people we've met like to seek out hot springs or outdoor adventures. Sometimes you may seek out a certain food or maybe even wacky roadside attractions. Or if you are like us and have dogs, possibly you seek out dog parks (we like to use the Dog Park Finder iPhone app, brought to you by DogParkUSA.com - very convenient!) We even heard a story of a man that traveled to document every single Martin Luther King Jr. street in America!

So now it's your turn... when you travel what do you seek out?

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