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Days End Mapping Project

User Article   2417 Views   By Trippinwithstanley on Sep 01 2011, 1:22 am
Many of you have probably heard of the Days End listings and if you haven't you should check it out. The guide is really useful for cheap—free overnight parking spots listed out alphabetically by state. Like most listings in the RV world it is just a word doc with no mapping capabilities. Well that just doesn't work for me so I have been adding all the locations listed in the days end journal to this Google Map. I've only been to MN, WI and CO since I started using/mapping, but plan to add them all as I visit new states. I never really did a search to see if something like this already exists out there so if it does PLEASE let me know, they take a good 20 minutes to add each state.

Also, if you are interested in the idea and want to map out the state you are in, email me at trippinwithstanley@yahoo.com and I can add you as a contributor to the map. Might as well get a collective all in one place if we can.

Also, Also, you will notice I just tag the city, which means you still need to cross reference the journal, but at least it gives you a starting point to see what might be near you. I didn't want to add any of the Days End information as to not take away from what they are already doing.


Member Comments
Technomadia - A huge difference between the sites that you mentioned and DaysEnd is that the later is geared towards retirees who get 1/2 price discounts with their Golden Access pass. In addition, it lists many places that cost just over $20 a night. Because of that, you will have more and/or different camping locations than you will find on the sites that you mention. Different sources work better for different people. I am familiar with many, many of them, so I am just pointing out some of the differences for you.
"Like most listings in the RV world it is just a word doc with no mapping capabilities." -Trippinwithstanley Agreed. I find that format to be very difficult to use. That is exactly why I created http://freecampsites.net three years ago. Best of luck to you. The easier it is to find campsites, the better!
Technomadia - not sure about the comparisons from those sites to Days End. Sometimes I look at them, but I haven't lately. BeBe - where do you find the mapping function?
The Days End listing actually comes with a mapping function which I am trying to figure out to use right now! If you could route us from Reno to Denver that would be awesome, he he!!
Have you looked at overnightrvparking.com , freecampsites.net or freecampground.com ? They all seem to be fairly comprehensive. I'm not familiar with Days End, do they have listings that these others do not?

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