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Fall Review Contest - Users with the most Reviews so far

Article Link   971 Views   6078 Visits   By RVParking_com on Sep 27 2010, 6:04 pm
blog.rvparking.com -

Right now, LiveWorkDream.com has the most reviews with 26. DonC and OkieDave are tied for second with 9 reviews each. julierecker is in third place with 8 reviews. Here's our top five leaderboard from highest to lowest:

1. LiveWorkDream.Com

2. DonC and OkieDave

3. julierecker

4. ADVofRVLife and psandefur

5. misosoup and charles

Thanks to all of you who've written reviews so far. It's great to see so many new reviewers on RVParking. Remember, you still have around 3 weeks to get your reviews in, so review at http://www.rvparking.com often.

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