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Huge List of Top RV LifeStyle Blogs in 2015
Article Link   253 Views   77 Visits   By KevsKnight on Oct 20 2015, 5:12 am
www.roverpass.com - Looking for a comprehensive list of great RVing blogs? Here it is! Check out this article from RoverPass.com listing both traditional and non-traditional RVing blogs. Lots of NuRVers!Click to read articl... (Read More)
Life-size Lego Teardrop Trailer
Article Link   198 Views   15 Visits   By KevsKnight on Oct 15 2015, 3:45 pm
www.gizmag.com - Sitting around with nothing to do? Well, how about building a life-sized Teardrop trailer out of Lego bricks! Built for a large Motorhome Expo in the UK, this Lego trailer is over 7 feet high and has a working sink. Dare I say it probably has more at... (Read More)
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