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Come park yourself at NüRVers, a place where unconventional full-time and part-time RVers get together to imbibe, share tips, brag about adventures and support one another on the open road. Our mission: to create a solid community of unique individuals with similar expectations for living, working and traveling in a house on wheels.

Want to join us? Learn more by diving into our website. - Go to your Profile by clicking My Account. - On the right side of that page, you will find shortcut links to your areas. Tell us about yourself! Share some pix. Get rid of stuff in our RVers Classifieds. Poke around, you can break it. Most importantly, check out the Google Map hack so we can see where you are!

NuRVers.com is a privately-owned website that is created by the young fulltime RVer like you - whether you're young in age or young at heart.

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