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50 years old
Gonzales, Texas
United States

Hill Shade RV Park

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We own a little RV park in south Texas. We LOVE NuRVers! We're a 30-40-something couple with five kids ... a family built through birth and adoption.


I don't always notice my notifications on here, so email me (christinemoers@hotmail.com) or find me on the FaceCrack: www.facebook.com/christinemoers.

There is more than you will ever want to know on my blog: www.welcometomybrain.com

I don't always notice my notifications on here, so email me (christinemoers@hotmail.com) or find me on the FaceCrack: www.facebook.com/christinemoers.

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06/12/2013 17:19:45
Well, the day draws closer to leaving for the gypsie lifestyle! Our home is sold and now waiting on thr RV. We will be on more soon!

10/23/2012 19:36:11

I just read some of your blog and it's GREAT!  How awesome to see someone actually live and write uniquely!  Awesome!  

I'm new here... if you couldn't tell.  


01/03/2012 00:00:27
  I wanted to visit your Campground for this winter as Kentucky rving sucks. Next year or following I will be on my way West and will make this one of my choices to stay. visited your blog and you and your family look very happy with your decision to own the campground. See ya down the road! Irishrover

01/02/2012 21:13:12
Hi...plan on heading to Texas just as we head out. We will look you up!!

10/15/2010 16:56:48
heard great things about your park, can't wait to come visit!

08/31/2010 19:51:39

Hi Christine,

Is the park booked up this weekend? I was thinking of taking the trailer out on her first shake down trip this weekend. 1 night probably.



08/17/2010 18:12:26
Could be worse...at least they aren't the HPU Heifers or something of the sorts...I'll bet you made a great mascot!!

08/17/2010 16:45:16
HPU huh?  Throw up that stinger!!  HAHA!

08/17/2010 09:47:17
We just went through Gonzales a little while back on a trip down to Goose Island State Park.  Nice town.  Wish we'd have stopped for a night or two now.

08/04/2010 04:36:35
Didn't notice when the request was made so if I've been late ... pls excuse me. But thanks for the ad and when I head through Texas again I'll be sure to drop in for a while.

11/13/2009 22:51:17

Hill Shade looks very inviting! Ang and I will swing by when we are in the area!


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