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English woman RVing America
Posted On 04/20/2012 21:49:20 by disney1860
Hello there everyone from Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom  . . .  ,I hope you are all  well?

It was seriously thinking of an idea I have had for many years and I really want to start the ball rolling to get this plan of action together in a couple of years it is to come to America and buy a used RV (a smallish one) to start withand to travel around the USA for hopefully a year or more. I understand it all depends on visas for an English person.

I was also thinking of writting a book from an English Womans prospective on how you guys and gals in the States do what we over here call "Camping and Caravanning" or "Motorhoming"??? and writing about my views on my beloved America from a woman in an RV view point.

Does anybody have any ideas that could help me get started - or lead me in the right direcetion  - Hints and tips would be great for me to gather up.

Kind regards
disney1860 (Annette)

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05/17/2012 21:22:53

Hi Annette!

Great idea, come join all of us on the road in the U.S.!  My one tip would be if you want total mobility then get as small of a Motorhome as you can. We like to visit cities and don't have lots of cash for the campsites that are close in. We street camp in a Class C sometimes and other times we sleep in parking lots and pay as little as 0 to 12USD per night. When you're small, nobody really notices and you can go about anywhere! (parking spaces are usually 20 ft, low bridges are between 10ft-13ft in the older cities). Try and get all your aminities in the smallest quarters and do your real living OUTSIDE! Good luck!

A good free resource for boondocking is http://www.freecampsites.net  

You may also like http://www.rvingwomen.org/




www.cheddaryeti.com  & www.motornomadics.com


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