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Guerrilla RVing & Sleeping on the Streets of New Orleans
Posted On 02/28/2012 01:15:47 by CheddarYeti

Street Camping In Your Motorhome

Pros of Street Camping

We street camp often in cities around the U.S. because it saves money and gives us up close parking to the places we want to go, see, and experience. So, if you've ever wondered about street camping in your Motorhome... here's a sneak peak.


Pros of Street Camping

The Pros of street camping are simple... it's FREE and that goes a long way when you full-time RV. The average price of a nights stay at a campground for us has been around twenty bucks or more. So a few nights a week on the street really adds up in savings.

Another big pro of street camping is location. If you want to see a city there's no better way than to experience her corners up close and personal. Cats, trash, and other inhabintants galore.Find a neighborhood and become a resident for a night or two or three. We've had great stays in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and New Orleans!

The Makings of A Good Spot:

  • Streets Lights
  • Business or Warehouse Districts
  • Churches or Government Buildings
  • Level ground


The Cons of Street Camping

The cons of street camping is noise, and for Dennis the ability to fully relax and get a good nights rest. Unfamiliar sounds; walkers, talkers, trains, cat fights, garbage trucks, barking dogs, bumbling bums... you name it. I sleep like a baby while Dennis peeks out the window all night long, and finally getting rest about the time the sun comes up.

This Is Not The Spot You Want:

  • On a hill
  • Too many hood rats
  • High Traffic


It's important to find the right balance. Being in a constant state of moving, sneaking, and high alert can be draining. Still the price is right and we've yet to have any issues; no knocks, no vandals, no tickets. After a few free nights, paying for a campground isn't so bad. The park time provides us a bit of camp-relaxation and the option to get chores and work done.

Basically, don't set up a homestead. We've found that being polite and as discreet as possible yields some pretty great free city camping options. We tread lightly so these spots are around the next time we pass through. 

So, the when your motorhome brings you to a great city, check in to your local street lamp and enjoy a cocktail or two at that over "Yelped" pub. Live it up because the bar is stumbling distance from your bed!


What do you think about Street Camping? Can you add to what makes a good or bad spot?

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05/17/2012 22:04:30
Funny, we feel a bit that why in the middle of the country... ;)  "What's out there?"  We couldn't see anything because there were no street lights! You are right though, when you're inside and not sure who lingering around, it's a bit creepy. It's best to get somewhere while it's light and sit inside your rig for a bit, you'll see who's looking. Oh and our windows are tinted! That helps. Stay safe. 

04/11/2012 02:37:59
We did it once a few weeks ago.  I am brand new to this so was just learning about the whole experience in general.  Don't you worry about security?  I felt vulnerable in it.  I prefer to be out in the country.

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