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Posted On 12/07/2011 01:58:54 by jp3eku

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Hello … This is a great site, and I wanted to say thank you for everyone helping so many people… its really kind of everyone. For me… when I help someone, I actually learn more about life at the same time. It truly is a “win-win” situation.

To start, I wanted to tell you I am in no way a English Scholar or Grammar Professor. I type like a talk, for more authenticity I suppose. ?? lol Forgive me if I ramble…..

With that said, here is a little bit about myself. Here is a little bit about my life past and present.

Maybe you can shed a little light on my life right now.

I have been interested in “Vandwelling” and living freely since I can remember. When I was a child I was in art classes and built camps/forts with extreme privacy. I have always liked expressing myself in one medium or another. Whether is be painting, acting, or telling a story. Camps/Forts we use to build were always a “safety net” or security from the outside world. (I was never abused or anything).

*On a side note… I even like turtles as I was growing up… maybe because of their portable homes they always have with them?? Anyway… lol…

My name is Jason, I am a 35 yrs old single professional male (never married, no children) with two small dogs, Fred & Rocco. Fred is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua and Rocco is a full-blooded Jack Russell.  We are in search of a permanent break from the monotony of all that we’ve seen for way too long.  I am financially sound and wanting to do this strictly by choice. I am in no way forced or otherwise.


I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with emphasis in Graphic Design. It was tough getting a job when I first got out of school. I got little jobs here and there but nothing that impressive. Then September 11th hit… then everyone cut back…it must’ve been a mini-recession… many might not remember that but I sure do. While in college I was a captain/waiter at some high-end local restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio. I worked at the Maisonette (Longest running “Mobile 5 Star” restaurant in the USA for 41 consecutive years)….it was fun and I was also teaching Graphic Design during the day and waiting tables at night. At both, I was making decent money but I knew there had to be more out there. First, I wasn’t doing what I went to school for…. really… fast forward….enrollment declined at the College I was teaching at resulting in a layoff. The restaurant I was waiting at closed after 60 yrs. I should mention that while I was waiting, I was studying Commercial Business insurance (Property & Casualty, Life & Health). I was tired of giving up my weekends waiting tables so I thought I would “get a real career” and work a 9-5pm, something I’ve never done before. That’s what I am doing now. I bought a house 8 yrs ago, (just refinanced actually last week) and now I don’t like the view out of my “drywall box” anymore and I haven’t for a while. I want to wake up in a different town everyday, and talk to people I’ve never met! They say that buying a home is “The American Dream”, I never felt that way. Maybe winning the lottery and never having to worry about money anymore might be a closer fit…lol ?? Then I could become a full time artist and work on becoming a better one everyday, without all of the financial struggles of paying for something…somebody else “really owns” the bank, etc.

I feel that I wasn’t put on this earth to sell insurance. I am Much more creative for this Dull and unappreciative type of work. I get no satisfaction for doing what I do, unless I make the sale… then it’s a little bit better. But only until you make the next sale… and then on to the next sale… I feel like a horse (bare with me)… and “Life” is riding on my back with a carrot tied to a stick… and I keep going after the carrot… I rarely get more than a nibble. lol … really though. I feel like I’m just going through the motions….I enjoy meeting and talking to new people. I am a good salesman. I could probably sell anything. I’m not being cocky (though I am Italian) but just getting to the point. I was a painter before I went College. Then I graduated in Graphic Design. Which like painting is very creative, but Very exact! Nothing is left “in the air” or unintended… everything is planned out or happens naturally. My point is I would like to get back to my roots. Which is Art and Freedom. I don’t have the “Peter Pan Syndrome”, but I do miss not having any bills and enjoying life! Who doesn’t? Who says you should grow up and work like an idiot for 50 yrs for a drywall box where the scene in the windows never change? Especially when real estate is SUPPOSED to be an investment…? Which currently it isn’t. My goal is to do some kind of art everyday and live simply. Whether it be painting, drawing, welding, ceramics, printmaking, design, even hanging an exhibition or building a stage, etc.

Forgive me for jumping around a bit….. all while enjoying a new place daily, weekly or monthly. Be it the mountains, beach, or desert.

One topic RARELY discussed in all of the forums, blogs, websites, etc. I have yet to come across…is how do people make enough money for this type of lifestyle while on the road? I am not talking about the CFP that is drawing out his IRA or living off the interest on his 4 million portfolio of investments…. I am talking about a hardworking guy just living more modestly. Without a lot of savings…How do you repair your Van/RV if it should need maintenance or break down? How do you pay for the Ramen Noodles you have just eaten? How do you wash your clothes at the laundromat across town? I know there are some places where you are able to Workcamp. But how many people actually do this and make any money for the mentioned items ^? And if I’m working all the time, why be on the road? What do Vandwellers do in retirement when their my age (34) and have adjusted to this “just getting by” lifestyle. You’d have to work until you die I guess… What about Health Care and Automobile insurance.. etc. I’m just trying to figure this all out.


I suppose I am trying to become a minimalist. The point of minimalism, for me, was unearthed as I continue to live with relatively few possessions and want even fewer obligations. I want to start by selling everything…. My cars, house, clothes, materialistic properties… etc. I’m realizing that it wasn’t about having nothing-it was about having only things that mattered. It sounds good on paper..I have always been somewhat of an “odd bird” never thinking like everyone else. I would say I am a high stakes gambler. Not in the casino sense, but I like to take risks. So you would think that I would take this opportunity with open arms. I guess my weakness or back peddling is…. Well if I keep doing what I’m doing, I can buy more, have more, live bigger. Like the media has been trying to program us into thinking. We need to buy a new car every year because they changed the front grille ! I hope this is making sense.

I guess in another words where’s the guarantee? There isn’t one. So I sell everything and live in a van…. and it doesn’t work out….then what? I don’t know. It just makes me nervous “loosing” everything I have. But maybe it takes that to gain what I am looking for??? Life is so ….? No manual for this is there?

There are so many people that “live” for other people…. (ex. family, boss, spouse, significant other, mentor, etc.) instead of living for themselves. It seems they make up excuses for how things are or why things are the way they are. When “we” are the only ones who really matter in “our” own lives. I speak like this probably because I am single without a family so maybe that’s why I can.?? I’m not planning on having a wife or family. It’s never been in the deck of cards for me. I’ve never laid back and wondered who my future wife would be or see my kids growing up. Maybe a quick thought or two but that’s it. And I am fine with that. “You never crave a banana split unless you’ve had one??” Weird analogy..haha but I DON’T know what I’m missing if I don’t know … is what I am saying.

I am fiercely independent and I guess a little selfish with my time. I like things done my way and rarely count on others for things I can do myself. I don’t feel I need a woman to “complete” me. I am who I am and I’m happy with that for right now.... Maybe, If I meet the "right one" she'll change my mind and I'll fall in love??? :) I currently just date. I go out on dates with women who look for the same. I don’t really believe in the white picket fence like Ozzy & Harriet. Like it or not, times have changed, I feel.  At least from this part of the country, everyone is either divorced, cheating or miserable with their spouse. I hear it all the time. Quite a shame. Thank God my childhood was a good one… there are many who are less fortunate. Maybe that’s why I feel it would be such a Giant task for filling those shoes for my kids.  But I do really love the compassion of a woman…. Their scent, laugh, soul, outlooks (thoughts), nurturing aspects, etc. and that is what constantly draws me to them.

So being free and having an understanding woman ! How tough to find!

I didn’t want to get too deep but background is necessary to form a decent opinion, for which I’m asking. I don’t know many girls that would date a guy living in a van though. I would like to believe there are some who would date a man who is confident enough to take chances and do Something instead of sitting on his hands doing nothing watching the world go by.


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed

by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do….”

Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens




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05/09/2012 21:58:18

There are lots of things you can do as a mobile person. check out http://www.liveworkdream.com

There ebook is very informative. Graphic or web design is a benefit for you because your office is where you go and nobody needs to know the difference. Good luck.

02/17/2012 05:29:17

Interesting post. My pre-jump situation is similar to yours. I guess it's all about figuring how much savings is enough to give one a sense of security out there, in case work is scarce or doesn't pay much. Bare minimum for me is zero debt, 12 months of expenses, and a decent-paying mobile job, or temporary contract work. I could easily see myself work-kamping in Yosemite for minimum wage + full hookup for several months, but I would have to find something that pays more for the rest of the year.


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