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Orlando to Anchorage in 21 days
Posted On 04/29/2009 01:38:49 by joaniekirk

After 7 months in and out and around Orlando, we are heading back north...

We have spent the time since Christmas in this funky, slightly weird RV park on Fairview Lake in Orlando while we were delivering the Avatar Course. Convenient, mostly long termers, it is a park 'becoming', we were able to kayak right there, great view of downtown Orlando, (not Downtown Disney).

A few trips out, once to Tennessee to see Darla's dad on his farm in Cookeville. Do youknow about fainting goats? It seems they are found in Tennessee, near Cookeville and in Egypt. They were bred as the original scapegoat, when they are threateneed or frightened, they get a temporary paralysis and tip over. About 15 seconds later, they come back to life and run off as if nothing happened.  They mingle in flocks of sheep to steer predators away from the more valued sheep. Hmmmm...

On the way back we stopped at Altoona Landing for a night, recommended.

A great find in South Carolina is Edisto Beach, call ahead as they book early and flood frequently. We got there and found the one open site was just barely above water, by morning all the moisture had soaked in and it proved to be a great spot.

Looks like we will sell this travel trailer when we get back up to AK and look for either a fifth wheel or a small ish Class C. We need more space, and an office if we are going to do this full time. The plan in AK is to make replenish the coffers and regroup, do more Avatar up there and then head out again in the fall....

We'll let you know about the 3 site RV park in Austin on Lake Travis, we hit there tomorrow.....


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05/05/2009 23:57:52

Interesting tidbit about the scapegoats! Did not know that.

Good luck on your travels north. We are currently working in a westward direction. 

Wishing you sunshine, tail winds, and smooth roads!!


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