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Robi sets a date!
Posted On 05/20/2011 00:57:05 by Robin

Yep, I'm gonna commit.  August 1st (through the 16th).

I was going to say Sept 1st, but then I thought it will be easier to get out of my lease if I give the landlady time to rent before kids go back to school...so I thought of Aug 16th, then I thought, no wait, people will be looking for stick boxes before then, so why not leave before?...

So I say August 1st,  and if it becomes a little bit of a moving target that is ok, as long as I'm out COMPLETELY by SEPT !ST...that is the ONLY extention I will allow myself.

God help me...I don't have a rig yet (the picture was just a joke...hehe) Have still lots more stredding, and a house full of stuff to get rid of.  And I hate setting up garage sales (hurts my back)  So I am going to call up an estate sale place and what ever is left, they can sell it and I don't care what I get...

as long as I get out!

WOW...scared shitless...and excited...I'll be looking for a B+ or C...bed in back, cheap or creative financing...if ya hear anyone wanting to get out of their rig, please give them this email address tikopico@aol.com.spam (take off dot spam part).  OH and I can give my phone number once I have first contact by email.

Yipeee!  I can hardly believe I made this decision.  I did it, its a done deal! 

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07/15/2011 03:43:43

Angie wrote:
How are things going? Any new exciting updates?

UPDATE! Leaving on or about the 21st of July. Check out pics of my rig:



06/18/2011 22:53:29

Hi Angie, thanks for checking up on me.  It is an emotional rollercoaster.  I go through boxes, reduce, put them in the multiple garage sales (three in a row so far), then go back after the weekend sale and try to reduce some more.  I just don't think I will be able to reach my goal of no storage unit, unless I get a Class A with lots of storage (but then there is the weight) or bury it in the dessert (starting to become appealing, but still alot of weight to get it out there).  There are just a fair number of my kids childhood that I am not ready to give up.  I drastically reduced my prise possessions of books, but...hmmm, maybe get rid of more.  I also came to the conclusion that I will hire someone to do some shredding for me as I found more document bins in the rafters of the garage.  BUT FIRST I need to scan a lot of those papers.  The local mailbox place got a new machine that works like a copier so I can scan STACKS of paper on to a digital file.  She will only charge me $10 an hour to self do it. CHEAP!  So I solved that.


Garage sale...that is a whole nuther u and down.  Best thing to do is follow my temporary blog as I try to write thoughts that occur throughout this process.  When I recuperate from today's hot and sunny sale, I will add the day's interesting characters.  Look for "The missing Baby Jesus!" hehe.



06/18/2011 16:04:04
How are things going? Any new exciting updates?

06/06/2011 22:58:31

Thank you for the support!  I gave my notice to the landlady for JULY 1ST! YIKES! (I can extend a month if really need to, but don't want to).

 Made $100 during a rainy weekend garage sale. $26 toward my charity PACE (Pacific Autism Center for Education).  I am donating 20% of all proceed to them. Kind of my parting gift as I don't plan to be around here for their next charity fundraiser :^(  Nice to see a few people put extra money in the jar.

Reducing decisions are a bitch!  hehe


06/06/2011 13:01:53

Good on you,

 We hummed and hawed for months and when we finally committed it was a true commitment only really understood by those of like mind.  Good luck, stay safe and remember it is a journey.



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