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Prep to join the Full-timers
Posted On 04/26/2011 21:59:49 by Robin

Made the decision!

Hello community...I'm planning on joining you on the road!  It will take some time for me to prep and learn most of what I need to know to get started (I realize that the education will continue on the road).

The first step I made was to DECIDE!  The next step will be to learn how to politely say "LEAVE ME ALONE" to the naysayers, the "family" "friends" and ? when they find out what I'm planning. Hard to hide weekly garage sales, huh?  Heehee.

It will be challenging as I am a 54 year old single woman with two dogs and a cat and will most likely be doing this alone.  But that is part of the appeal.  Can I do this alone...yes, I can.  I was a Flight Attendant for 20 years and often found myself alone in cities all over the world due to other FA's not wanting to go out and explore, or I was an "extra" crew member that the company decided to stick in a hotel alone.

My son is 21 and going to local college.  He is sick of living at home.  I'm sick of living at home, hehe. I live in Silicon Valley and it is expensive.  I live off meager disability (injury from my job) and a little retirement. (I say little because I elected to start drawing it early so we could live in this god-forsaken inflated community.  So when he moves down to San Diego, I'm outta here.

What do I do with all this junk?  Yipee!  I can't wait to get rid of it. After losing all my Real Estate Investments in the bust, I thought, how low can I go.  Then I learned to "let go" and can see hope, beauty, and new country-wide friendships in the future, rather than living amonst the "walking-stunned".

I want freedom!  I want to reach inside of me and pull out the joy I used to have. One year ago, on April 1st, my brother committed suicide. That event disconnected me from life. I felt like I did not want to bother manage through this gunky world. I went back to college, studied Philosophy, trying to figure out the "why". I can only make assumptions about his choice.  I cannot do anything about it. I CAN do something about MY life.

That something is called LIVING.  Time to move, be on the move, contemplate, reach out to others in my travels, look for joy, read, think... silence.  A field here and there where my dogs can run free.

A road...where I can BE free.

Stop by and say hello! 

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05/10/2011 13:58:52
I ditto you on hiding the weekly yard sales.  My dad stops why and wants some of our stuff...but it's stuff he won't use either so it's better to deal with it now rather than deal with it later. 

Good luck on your endeavors.  We're excited to get started too. 

05/04/2011 15:11:21

Welcome! Here & on the road you will find the joy & excitement in your life. Go where you want to explore, stop when you meet some folks you want to get to know better, live simply & slowly.

We are in our 9th month & it's been a bit more hectic than I thought it would be, but we are both still working which means we travel differently. We are in that "tween" stage, not young enough to be called irresponsible or old enough to be called retired, but we did find a home amongst the NuRVers & they are our peeps. Community is the biggest thing I miss, and one just has to be more open & creative about finding it on the road.

Hope to run into you!


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