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Pahrump is a Dump, but Nevada Treasure is a pleasure!
Posted On 10/06/2010 15:09:28 by BeBe

Spencer Hot Springs outside of Austin, NV is amazing...treacherous getting our 35' MH down the 7 mile gravel, ungraded road, but we did it and yes, it was worth it! Very secluded & just a few other people camping there. You can adjust the temp of the hot springs which we needed to do & we watched the sunset listening to the braying of the wild donkeys & again at sunrise, it was beautiful!

Then on to Pahrump, NV! I had seen this campground/resort online & couldn't resist checking it out. I knew the town was a dump but thought we'd give it a try. We are about 5 miles outside of the town & other than a Walmart & the world's ONLY brothel museum there ain't much here! But this resort is like a country club! We got bumped up to the best spot in the joint & the lots are beautifully landscaped & spacious. Very few people are here. There is a big gym & locker room where we can keep our stuff for the month, showers, sauna, steam, indoor & outdoor jacuzzi's, two pools, a little bar & grill & a bowling alley! The best, though, is our little slice of heaven. Bill's office space is in this little gazebo & he's spent the last two days working there, it's great & the price is right!

 Mr. Bill's chill office space

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03/09/2018 12:12:03
I have been to Spencer Hot Springs a couple of times. I wrote a bid4papers review on it which you can read from the link. It is a very good place and the springs are great to relax.

10/08/2010 15:09:17
well, McBubbly, we are both working during the week and really only have the weekends to explore and Death Valley is right here with incredible hiking & camping & we plan to take advantage of that! At our age we don't worry so much about what we're "missing out" on, we just take each day as it comes!

10/08/2010 01:40:01
That sounds like a pretty cool little vacation.  It must be nice once in a while, just to relax and enjoy the amenities and not worry that you're missing out on seeing any sights.

10/06/2010 22:29:53

That is great! Looks real nice on the website, but you never know :) Glad to find out this was was actually true!


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