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Workamper Job observations
Posted On 08/09/2010 15:50:01 by Rebaenrose

I have noticed that many workamper jobs function on gender assumptions as well as visual bias.  So many ads that I have come across describes jobs via gender assumptions.  ie.  Ladies will work in the office and men will work with maintenance or grounds. I find this type of assumption irritating, since I am often better at maintenance and my husband is excellent with costumer service! Why even make gender an issue here? 


The other observation I had is one of visual bias.  Why ask for photos of workamper with the resume? If someone can offer me a practical reason as to why this is needed, please let me know!  But as far as I can tell, such a request means that potential employers are filtering applications partly because of visual presentation.


What do you all think? R

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08/17/2010 15:59:29
Thanks for the reply Kev!  I am sorry it took so long to get back to you.  I was commenting in general and I have seen such posting in both the 55+ parks and koas a well. I am certian you are correct about your conclusion as to why the rules are there but it is my hope that us NUrvers can start to change such blantant sexism and encourage a more democratic space of working conditioins.  Thanks so much for your thoughts!!  Rebecca

08/12/2010 18:01:49

Where are you on the 55+ parks that fill up Arizona? Or about the RV parks with the "10 years or newer RV" rule? Seems the RV industry is flush with things like this. IMO, it is because of the severe separation between well to do Silvers, and freeloading hippies ;)

In the few people I have met that run parks, they say that a lot of these things are in place to protect their "image". They want to be able to tell someone "sorry - we have this rule in place" if they seem unacceptable. I think they are concerned with having RVs that are leaking and falling apart, and otherwise scaring the Silvers.

Quite possibly the photo thing works out for both. You KNOW they are going to pass judgement on you and your house even though they are not able, just as any other employer will (maybe not the house part, but the you part). If you walk in to a workamper interview weighing 600 pounds with a 1970s RV that is held together with duct tape and bailing wire, I can promise you they will have "higher qualified candidates". If they can weed out those people they KNOW they aren't going to hire with a couple of photos, then it may prevent someone from driving across the country just to find out they would never make the cut. 

As for the gender issue, that has been brought up in a few places. I totally agree with what you are saying, but you have to look at the pool they are use to be picking out of. The Silvers. They do the traditional role thing. I am sure when you have 90% of your applicants over the age of 70, you start falling into patterns :)

I have read of plenty of people that "tell" employeers how they will work for them. They are confident in their skills, and have not problem telling employeers what the terms of their employment will be. That is something to take into consideration when you are bringing something young and fresh into their organization. Let them know that you are no ordinary workamper!

That's what I think :)

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