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Burnin Man.....UMMM FILL ME IN
Posted On 06/03/2010 00:46:57 by LoveisTL
Okay ..........so about 10 people in the last 2 days asked me if I was going to something called BURNING MAN! Ummmm I have no idea what it is, when it is or where it is! ///////I LIE/////// let me say I know its in the DESERT somewhere!?! So my trusty HIP ubber kewl NU RVERS Please fill me in on the who, what, why, when and where of it all!! I appreciate it...... truly! Love is...TL

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06/14/2010 05:35:18

Thanks EVERY1 for your input!! 


Love is...TL 

06/09/2010 20:39:38
Hi - I can fill you in on anything you want to know about Burning Man!  I have been 3 times and my hubby 4. It is in the eastern Nevada desert and is called "Black Rock City", just outside of a tiny town called Gerlach.  It starts the Monday before Labor Day - a total of 8 days although you can go for as long or as short a time as you'd like. You must bring all of your own water, food & shelter & haul it all out including your trash.  There is a "leave no trace" policy and the whole week is a lesson in Radical Self Reliance.  Some people wear interesting costumes, some people wear nothing at all & others just wear their normal clothes. There is quite a cross-section of people you will meet from every walk of life & from all over the world.  Last year there were about 50,000 people there. The "playa" is filled with amazing art, and many people have "Theme Camps" that offer workshops, music, booze, etc, etc.  The only things you can buy there are ice and coffee and one does not "barter or trade" but there is much "gifting" going on.  We made really cool bandanas and gave them away last year.  That's it in a nutshell - check out the website burningman.com! 

06/08/2010 15:02:58

Kev pretty much wrapped it up..  BM is different to every attendee.  


However, Camp Nomadia is not really 'open to everyone' - we are pretty selective about including only nomadic minded folks who are uber self sufficient who embody leave no trace philosophies.  There are many camps that cater to those who want more central infrastructure, and we're not well suited for folks seeking that sort of experience.  We expect all Nomadians to bring everything they need and take it all away.. with no expectations of relying on anyone else. 


 - Cherie 

06/04/2010 16:33:17

Burning Man is where all the fun kids hang out :)  Best bet is to go to burningman.com and start reading and looking at pictures. Nobody can really tell you what Burning Man IS, but rather only give interpretations as to what it means to them.

As you will see on the BM site, it is a "festival" that is centered around art and a beautiful community in the Nevada desert every year on the week preceding Labor Day. It is a very wonderful and welcoming community that builds a city up from the dust, and disassembles is at the end of the event - back to only dust. 

Our very own Technomadia has a theme camp there which is open to everyone, but most are nomadic folks that get together for the event. Check out their page and get info about it from them.



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