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This place we call home
Posted On 10/27/2013 15:18:38 by Sh-ami


my name is Jami, and my husband is Shane, I am 36, and he is 43, and we have been full timing for a year now, and we are loving it!!  We live in a 2013 38' Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel, pulled by a  2012 GMC Sierra 3500 4x4 dually.  

We travel with a French Bulldog named Jemma, and a small cat named Ivy.  Jemma loves the life, Ivy is still trying to figure it all out but getting better every day, I purchased some calming collars for her and they help out tremendously!!  She comes out of the closet now :)

we sold our house 2 years ago, and weren't quite ready for full timing yet,so we rented a house.  8 months later we purchased our fifth wheel and at the end of our 1 yr lease we had worked out an agreement with my husbands parents to stay on their property in our camper until we were ready to hit the road.  We moved into our camper October 13th of 2012, we finished up work things and tied up some loose ends, and hit the road June 2nd of 2013.  

We wanted to start out slow, so we decided to spend the summer in Michigan at my Moms place.  So we slowly made our way up there ( took about 3 weeks).  We basically parked it for a few months up there, we took a 2 week trip around the coast of Michigan, and then started heading south on September 15th.  We will head back to Florida for the winter and decide from there if we go west next spring or stay east.

The preparations for becoming a full timer is quite scary!!  Getting rid of basically everything you own, quitting your job, saying goodbye to friends and family, and hitting the road to the unknowns.  I'm not gonna lie, there were tears involved with the fears (for me anyways, it's always been my husbands dream).  

We did a ton of research to prep ourselves for what lied ahead, we follow a few blogs of some other full timers and found those to be extremely informative.  But you can never prepare for everything, you really just have take some things with a grain of salt and not let little things get to ya, and you really have to learn how to just SLOW DOWN.  From being in the grind for so long you feel like there is a need to rush, but there is no need at all.  And there is down time and some boring moments in this lifestyle.  In the end I guess what I'm trying to say is: the pros out weigh the cons, as long as you let them!!

We are always looking to meet people, especially people more in our age bracket, we thought we were a breed of our own, at least until I found this website :). So shoot me an email if you would like to meet up at some point, we are very friendly full timers, and will gladly share our stories, and learnings with just about anyone!

I also write a blog, mostly for the family that likes to know what's going on, so it's not crazy professional or anything but you are welcome to check it out


See ya down the road 

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