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We are about to take the leap! FULLTIME at 32 years old.
Posted On 10/17/2013 21:58:55 by Long_Island_Mike


We are a young couple (32 and 30) who are preparing to hit the road full time in the spring. I wil have around 25k in savings at least, A 2011 31' Class C Chateau Motorhome. She recently was let go of her job and I will let myself go come April.

 I have previous experience camping in Slab City CA in a 22" Dodge Tioga 1978 for 2 years so I do have some experience. We are out to see the states with no end plan. We will follow opportunities as they present themselves and try to live as frugally as humanly possible. 

 I am debt free so there are very limited monthly expendatures in which to contend. We will streatch a dollar to the breaking point but we will still make sure to have fun all along the way.

 Our traveling companions include two cats and a dog(can not live without them) so we will just have to all adjust to life on the road. 

 We very much would like to meet new friends of like minds to share experiences along the way. Please say hello! 

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10/27/2013 14:51:10

Hi there!!  My name is Jami, and my husband is Shane, we have been full timing for a year now, I am 36, and he is 43, we thought we were alone in our age bracket but since I've found this website I have found that there is hope to meet people closer to our age!  Our home base is just south of Orlando, Florida.  My husband parents have some property there and we plan to spend the winter months there.  We have some friends that right a blog on a website they have, it is called rv-dreams.com, I mention this because his last post had a great speech on becoming a full timer, the fears and the dreams, and how best to juggle them both, it inspired us and I think it would be helpful for any one making the move.  

We are not sure if we will be staying in the east or heading west come spring time but if we are in the same area we would love to meet up with you guys and share a campfire or 2.  

Ps we also travel with a dog (Jemma, French bulldog) and a cat!! :) 

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