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Have you ever been gladed?
Posted On 03/15/2010 17:39:58 by TheMrs

If you’ve ever just wanted to disappear, get in touch with nature, not be reminded of daily hassles such as your Cell phone, TV, Internet and GPS then the Everglades in Florida are right for you! It’s an escape well worth taking. We camped there for 8 days and then I was gladed! Plan your trip well. Know every gas station, because they are few and far between. Stock your supplies as if you were going away for a long time. You’ll be glad you did when you find yourself hoping you can stay just one more day longer.

Oh! did you catch the above phrase, GPS? If not, gotcha! Most of the time, our GPS didn’t have a signal! So, don’t count on it or you’ll find yourself driving straight into an alligator pit or across boundaries of water. You can’t be truly gladed unless your GPS doesn’t work! Being gladed is when your cell phone is out of range, no TV signal, no Internet and most of all, you learn to use a folded map again!

Expect to see countless alligators in the beautiful everglades and much wildlife.  If you just sit back and listen, you’ll hear nothing but nature as it was intended to be.  With only the stars to light up the night, imagine what it was like for our ancestors who saw a darken sky with no jet trails or city lights in the distance!

Now, go on, get out there and get gladed!!!

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03/16/2010 15:44:06
Now I have been inspired! Nice video Activated. I just got a new camera, a Nikon Coolpix P100 that shoots in HD. It just went on the market a few weeks ago. I will be putting it to good use documenting our travels in pics and video!

03/16/2010 05:08:27

Wow - sounds awesome. We have been to south west Florida a few times, but never made it out to the Everglades. It is definately on our list for next time!



03/16/2010 03:15:56
We had the best time when we were there. We opted to get away from the RV and rented a canoe for an overnight adventure on a secluded island. On the way back we paddled next to dolphin! We also enjoyed a slogging adventure withthe park rangers. Here is a short video if you'd like to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNzm_99FGGw&sns=em
Oh and the alligators are quite a site. It is amazing how close you can get. Wish we had had 8 days to hang out there.

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