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Jobs in Enterainment Industry for RVers?
Posted On 02/08/2010 15:44:46 by JenRusRV
For those of you who are able to travel more extensively in your RV, have you ever thought of working in the Entertainment industry?  In this post about seasonal work for RVers, it talks about employment positions with Walt Disney World, Silver Dollar City, Sea World, and more.  Have any of you had these jobs?  Are they a good source of income?  Are they fun jobs to have? 

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03/16/2010 13:40:55
Thanks for the responses everyone!  Happy RVing.

03/16/2010 03:02:28
We have our own touring theatre company and have auditioned/applied to Disney twice. But we weren't able to stay around long enough to take a job. Minimum is 2-3 months.

03/10/2010 03:15:24

Never had one of these park jobs, but have worked lots in the entertainment industry.

film video sets/stage acting/dancing/shooting/ voice-over and whatnot

Known lots of fellow artists who have worked at the parks, a big plus on fun for what I hear.Not so plus on $$$$. If you love the arts, then by all means go for it! It will be a blast.


02/09/2010 14:41:42

When we were workamping at Amazon, we talked to a lot of RVers who had worked the summer at Adventureland.  Most of them relayed that it was a LOT of fun, and something they intend to do every year. 

Two winters ago, Chris and I looked into working seasonally at Walt Disney World while we were in Florida.. but we didn't get too far into checking it out.  It sound like it might be fun to check out at some point, and perhaps we will someday.  

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