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Advice for a single woman becoming a full-timer
Posted On 05/20/2013 01:14:14 by NomadicLeLe

Hi everyone,

I have had this dream in my mind and my heart for a very long time, my problem is money. I am and have been for years living check to check trying to find a way out ... and am past desperate to find my way to buy a camper or rv and hit the road for good. Any advice is greatly appreciated! 


NoMadic LeLe


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07/25/2013 18:15:13

What is your current living situation? 

Get rid of whatever living situation you have now. Sell anything bulky or anything you don't need; this will give you a little capital. Sell your car, get a small starter rig or camper van. You can always sell it later to get capital for something more suited to your preferences. Insurance is cheapest on older models, and should save you more money than your current car insurance. Get a temporary job anywhere and park in their parking lot of nearby for a few weeks, to save money. Check out jobs for full-timers-- rvdreamz has a great reference list. You need some money to start this journey, but not as much as you'd think. I'm getting in my rig for under $11,000, but I'm having to rebuild my engine. Getting started takes planning and research, but it is worth it! Do a lot of research. Feel free to contact me at cgifford5@gmail.com or message me on my website at www.youngrver.com if you want to hash it out with another female nomad!

Best of luck!


06/26/2013 21:07:50

Hi Soody & Kevs,

As of right now things look very bleak, but I have no fear that I will find my way although sooner or later it can't be soon enough for me!  ;)

My plan is to aquire a small fiberglass camper by the end of the year that I can pull with my 03 Jeep Liberty LE V6 (No Unfortunately it is not 4 wheel drive lol).

... so in the meantime I am still searching and re-searching all the possibilities and ideas that pop into my never ending thoughts!  ;)

Thanks for the tips yall ... see you all soon!  :)

Peace Love and Travel 

06/25/2013 19:29:28

Hi NoMadic LeLe! Money is always an issue - for normal people :)  I am currently on my 4th RV. I grew to this one over the years. My first and second were small RVs that I bought on Craigslist. I saved enough and paid cash. The first one was $2500, and it was pretty awesome. I still miss the American Clipper!


I believe my point is to start out with what you can afford. If you are looking to fulltime, you can start by selling a bunch of stuff around the house to go into the RV fund. If you are dedicated to putting a little away, you should be able to get a starter RV in no time.


If you are unsure as to what kind of RV to get, consider if you currently have a truck, you would be good to start with a trailer. Trailers can be found for a reasonable price. If you don't have a truck, consider a motorhome. Your primary search should only include ones with good drivetrains. You don't want to start out with mechanical issues. The "house stuff" can be fixed up as you go along. It might look ugly inside, but it should be able to run like the wind.


Good luck with the search!


06/10/2013 14:24:02
Hi NomadicLeLe,
Soody here. I just read your post and am wondering if you have had any brainstorms or made progress in your quest to find a 1st road abode. All I can say is... keep scouring for a small inexpensive trailer and you will find one. One good thing is you are a bartender and can find work nationwide. That's a plus! Also you're finishing up schooling- also a plus! Congrats! Don't know your specifics but sounds like your getting by, not a lot aside. Like most of us! :) Maybe you could get a small loan? and then your 'rent' will pay for your trailer. Can you 'driveway surf' with friends til you can save a few bucks living in the trailer? Some first trailers can go for

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