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Feeding pets on the road
Posted On 01/09/2013 03:18:30 by CPOO

We are looking to leap into full-time RVing and we have a boxer. We currently feed him a raw (meat) diet, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences/tips for doing so on the road....or would it be wisest to transition him to a dry kibble? Thanks!

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01/25/2013 07:14:17

We have learned much about dog foods and feeding this past year as our Jack Russell was diagnosed with diabetis. After speaking with many vets around the country and looking at the top prescription diets available for dogs we have learned that all this hype about avoiding grains and feeding only meat products to dogs is just that, hype! One vet explained that dogs are no longer true carnivors, and need high fiber grains as well as meat protiens. This is true for all dogs but especially true for a diabetic like our Benny.

My suggestion would be a high quality kibble with a generous spoonful of a good canned meat based food. Fresh meats might be better than the canned but freezer space in an RV is minimal at best.

Hope this helps some. 

01/13/2013 12:48:46
It really depends on the size of your freezer. With our 80 pound GSD we've found it a challenge to feed all raw so now we give him a high quality kibble along with meats when we have room for it in the freezer. We also give him a premium food like Honest Kitchen, which really helps. Here's a blog post I wrote for one of our blogs, Ideas for Feeding Healthy on the Road.

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