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"Whereever the Good Lord Wills"
Posted On 10/26/2012 14:39:43 by Irishrover

    Life!!!!! What a helluva ride! What an intro: I'm ED. We never konw what is around the next bend. A bunch of adventurous wanderers with a lust for the open roads! Freedom which can be only realized by those daring enough to challenge the elements.

    I have seven months left before my 62nd year on this planet. For the most part it has been great, explored many areas of this great USA and have seen a bit-o Europe courtesy of Uncle Sam's Army.

    Faced Life--Death--Bumps--Bruises--Sadness--Pains--Sorrows and Fate!

But over-all it has mostly been great and If I coulld would live it all over                                                  again!



Tags: Like A Leaf Blowing In A Windstorm


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10/06/2013 16:52:43
Amen Ed! Adventure on :)  Any follow ups since you posted?

01/22/2013 22:15:20
  Still Hangin in here! It will be 6 months that I've been parked here near the Music City recovering from some health issues. Improving as time presses forward. Hoping to get back to the work camping gig soon. My sights are set on March where I worked last year. August I should get my first SS check, which will finance my basic needs and the earnings will allow for a better financial well being.

10/30/2012 03:01:49

It is a hellofa ride, Ed! Totally agree! "Around the next bend" always keeps us wondering. That is better than sitting here bored!


See you on the road!


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