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RV Butterflies in the Belly
Posted On 09/29/2012 21:05:55 by rickdar

After eons of hemming and hawing, we are determined to become full-time RVers in about three months. We are in the stage of finding and buying an RV and readying to change our lives in ways that will entail some twinges, as in getting rid of nearly all our stuff and downsizing the kind of vehicle we have.

Thus the butterflies: a healthy mix of fear and excitement because we must temper the euphoria with sober and thoughtful decisions.

We just spent a pretty, rainy day looking at RVs and discussing the pros and cons of each given that we are trying to weigh a set of needs that at this point we are only half-guessing at except that we must have great Internet access (I am a telecommuting copy editor of six years) and enough space inside the RV so that our heretofore fairly uneventful 32-year marriage doesn't end with one of us driving off while the other one is inside a store picking up a Yoo-hoo (him) or a 4-pak of wine (me).

Fresh back from the RV lots and closer to deciding on what we want, I found this site.

I love Nu RVers for having videos of people telling how they make ends meet: Let me greet you, Namaste to you all, already feel like I know you a bit.

It was reassuring that many of you did jobs on the road that are not that different from what I do, at least relative to the mechanics. And it was reassuring that you all seemed so happy and that you all had different perspectives to share so I could see that not only one kind of person does this and that not only crazy people do this. It's strangely counterintuitive maybe but seeing your strong individualism makes us feel a kinship.

We aren't as pioneering as some; for at least a few more years we will mostly stick to a couple of Texas military RV parks throughout the school year (he is retired Army/retired cop and now drives a school bus) and then we will travel during holidays and the summer when he is off work. I must continue to work as much as I can but hey, when I have no work, I will be someplace new to explore.

Being in one place some of the year seems like a good transition; we will have the health care providers we are used to, etc. 

We are not young per se but that seems like all the more reason to git to gitting. So thanks for your stories and your encouragement. 

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