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The Joy of Traveling Free
Posted On 05/15/2016 20:51:13 by bobglasson
What a beautiful day we are having! I hope all of you fellow RVers are enjoying yourselves this season. Stay safe and have fun!There's nothing like the great outdoors and the freedom of being able to travel about wherever you feel the pull! My only regret in my RVing career is that I didn't get started sooner. My freedom story begins in the late 60s. Just about anything you could imagine people were doing back then, I was a part of it. I traveled the country by thumb as a young man and I would l... Read More

Taking the RV plunge tomorrow
Posted On 12/11/2014 17:32:51 by Shayrar
Well tomorrow I finally have been approved and will hopefully pick up my very first RV.  2005 Coachmen Mirada with 17k miles.  ... Read More

Just starting
Posted On 11/25/2013 06:36:14 by Tripledipped
Hey gang!                I just found out about the site here and wanted to step in and check it out. Seen a couple of videos on YT. Anyway, we are a family of 3 adults, with one in the 'oven', which is due mid to late Dec.  We just recently purchased a 'new' truck, 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 with the V10. Already set up for slide in and/or pull along campers. It doesn't have a 5th wheel, although we may go that route. Not sure yet. We've been together... Read More

"Whereever the Good Lord Wills"
Posted On 10/26/2012 14:39:43 by Irishrover
    Life!!!!! What a helluva ride! What an intro: I'm ED. We never konw what is around the next bend. A bunch of adventurous wanderers with a lust for the open roads! Freedom which can be only realized by those daring enough to challenge the elements.    I have seven months left before my 62nd year on this planet. For the most part it has been great, explored many areas of this great USA and have seen a bit-o Europe courtesy of Uncle Sam's Army.    Faced Life--... Read More

RV Butterflies in the Belly-Live/Let Live
Posted On 09/29/2012 22:32:27 by rickdar
I should add to my first blog by saying that I expect to enjoy the full-time RVers best who are doing it for their own satisfaction rather than as a loud self-righteous judgment about, and condemnation of, how everyone else chooses to live their lives. To each his/her own lifestyle. Peace.  
... Read More

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