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hashing and hot springs.......
Posted On 10/24/2010 18:27:21 by BeBe
hashing and hot springs.......Well, this is what it is supposed to be about - and am sooo happy we are making it happen!  Went to the Las Vegas hash last Saturday and was thrilled that they love the hills and shiggy as much as we do - was definitely an "XS trail" and we were almost DFL (dead f'ing last) but not quite! Bill made some yummy salsa & we got to see 2 namings - it was worth the 3 hour round trip drive, especially because we will see all these wankers again soon at the Las Veg... Read More

Pahrump is a Dump, but Nevada Treasure is a pleasure!
Posted On 10/06/2010 15:09:28 by BeBe
Spencer hot Springs outside of Austin, NV is amazing...treacherous getting our 35' MH down the 7 mile gravel, ungraded road, but we did it and yes, it was worth it! Very secluded & just a few other people camping there. You can adjust the temp of the hot springs which we needed to do & we watched the sunset listening to the braying of the wild donkeys & again at sunrise, it was beautiful!Then on to Pahrump, NV! I had seen this campground/resort online & couldn't resist checking i... Read More

Saline Valley: A Remote and Allusive Passage to Death Valley
Posted On 03/13/2008 19:10:02 by Traveling12Feet
Saline Valley Road Map... Read More

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