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We are about to take the leap! FULLTIME at 32 years old.
Posted On 10/17/2013 21:58:55 by Long_Island_Mike
Hello, We are a young couple (32 and 30) who are preparing to hit the road full time in the spring. I wil have around 25k in savings at least, A 2011 31' Class C Chateau Motorhome. She recently was let go of her job and I will let myself go come April.  I have previous experience camping in Slab City CA in a 22" Dodge Tioga 1978 for 2 years so I do have some experience. We are out to see the states with no end plan. We will follow opportunities as they present themselves and try to liv... Read More

RV Butterflies in the Belly
Posted On 09/29/2012 21:05:55 by rickdar
After eons of hemming and hawing, we are determined to become full-time RVers in about three months. We are in the stage of finding and buying an RV and readying to change our lives in ways that will entail some twinges, as in getting rid of nearly all our stuff and downsizing the kind of vehicle we have. Thus the butterflies: a healthy mix of fear and excitement because we must temper the euphoria with sober and thoughtful decisions. We just spent a pretty, rainy day looking at RVs and discussi... Read More

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