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Jobs in Enterainment Industry for RVers?
Posted On 02/08/2010 15:44:46 by JenRusRV
For those of you who are able to travel more extensively in your RV, have you ever thought of working in the Entertainment industry?  In this post about seasonal work for RVers, it talks about employment positions with Walt Disney World, Silver Dollar City, Sea World, and more.  Have any of you had these jobs?  Are they a good source of income?  Are they fun jobs to have? 
... Read More

Quartzsite - Use What You Got
Posted On 01/06/2010 04:18:54 by KevsKnight
We are closing out our fifth day here in Quartzsite, and we are starting to feel like boondocking pros. We are feeling like pros because: we are still out here in the desert after 5 days; we have only used ~1/4 tank of water (25 gallons or so); and we are having a great time!Ang and I have been living pretty normally - I get up and work all day, we walk the dog together a couple times throughout the day, we make dinner and have a cocktail and watch the sun go down. We watch a little TV together,... Read More

Quartzsite - Finding a Spot in the Desert
Posted On 01/03/2010 06:43:29 by KevsKnight
I thought I would make some notes about Quartzsite since it is a popular place with the RVers. This is the first time we have "stayed in Quartzsite" - as most people think of it. We have stayed in Brenda, which is about 15 miles up the road from here, in a full-hookup campground. We have been into town to have a look around, but it was during off season. We are now really in Quartzsite. In the desert. BLM land. Boondocking. With a few thousand friends. We blew in here on Friday - New Years... Read More

Traveling the Two-Lane - Part 2
Posted On 09/11/2008 00:07:42 by KevsKnight

The owner of the Broken Bow RV Park had mentioned something when I checked in that made me open up my GPS mapping software again. I had mentioned that we would leave Escalante in the morning and drive north on Hiway 12, then to Hiway 24 through Capitol Reef NP. He said something like "oh, that way". Huh? What do you mean "that way". "I hope you have good brakes in that thing".

No problem, right? I can handle these.... right? No worries - I will deal with them when I get th... Read More

Life Beyond The Interstate
Posted On 09/11/2008 00:03:09 by KevsKnight

Leaving California is never easy - saying goodbye to family and friends, wrapping up business, swearing at our storage one more time... Always way too much to do before we leave. This departure was also dotted with maintenance on the RV - full lube, some minor repairs. Getting ready for the road ahead.   Leaving California is always difficult in another way - Cali has some of the worst roads we drive on. It is never fun to look forward to several hours of teeth rattling, light fixture... Read More

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