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A Bug's Life
Posted On 11/21/2014 01:25:16 by vdscngfj
The Disney DVDs movie A Bug's Life is the second 3D computer animation which is shoot by Disney and PIXAR, this time it is in the context of the world of insects! Disney's claim that it is an giant epic film of the Cheap Disney DVDs movie, the story is about a group of ants whom are prepare for the winter grain storage,but they has long been looting and attacking by the grasshoppers, and the grasshopper collect food season will come for every year, the ants to hard work to ge... Read More

The difference of New Balance and New Barlun
Posted On 11/18/2014 21:18:08 by jiuaugy
By New Balance (New Balance) growing New Balance, trying to get rid of host growth. Beijing Daily Reporter survey found that New Balance 574 Sale has opened the wholesale market from the initial to the core business district of malls. Meanwhile, some products up to 1700 yuan price is also in line with international big names. Currently, New Balance has opened more than 100 stores nationwide. In Beijing, New Balance's shop rate has not inferior New Balance. For anxious to get rid of the cottage i... Read More

The Story of How We Got Here ~
Posted On 09/08/2014 03:12:32 by TheHuckabees
Hello, We are Matthew & Sarah Huckabee we went full time July 26, 2014. Our going fulltime happened in a very strange series of events.               First off we are newlyweds! We got married in June, Matthew surprised me with a trip literally A-ROUND Colorado. Now I had never been west of Kansas City, KS although I had dreamed of it for years. I was very excited to say the least. We packed up and left literally hours a... Read More

Are we nucking futs....
Posted On 08/28/2014 15:39:05 by sfc2113
 My wife and I have been working for the past 30+ yrs ,and there is no end in sight of the stress from work and bills and endless maintenance on our house. Retirement planning  seems like a road to knowhere.  My wife works in retail as a manager at large  store. I work in IT tech support in a apparal  company. Togther we make over 6 figures and we are actually thinking of giving up everything!, house, cars boat ect, moving into  our 16ft coachmen clipper (purchased... Read More

Posted On 05/10/2014 21:10:38 by WanderArtists
I posted this on my blog wanderartist.com - not mentioning that the main reason we are simplifying our lives is to head out on the road and fulltime! Lately I have been concentrating on simplifying. Namely, paring down possessions by selling and giving things away to friends and strangers. Living in the land of plenty we tend to collect possessions – it’s a deeply ingrained priority of our society… One that is so accepted and so closely followed that one can seem strange to... Read More

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