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Take the mostly commonly used K line communication make a detailed...
Posted On 07/24/2014 03:33:55 by fcars
Connection method of K line communication diagnostic socket
1、Connection method of CAN line communication diagnostic socket
K line signal voltage is 1V or so lower than battery voltage, Eg, if battery 12V, then signal voltage is about 11V, battery 24V; if battery 24V, then signal voltage is about 23V. When actually measure voltage of pin on vehicle diagnostic socket, there might be deviation of ±0.25V.

Connection method for K line communication with diagnostic s... Read More

Universal channel switching circuit and The Overall Structure of Fcar...
Posted On 07/24/2014 03:33:05 by fcars
In actual use, different vehicles can use the same diagnostic connector, such as OBD II, but pin of diagnosis signal might be distributed in different pins. In order to be compatible with different pins, output connector DB15 internal connection channel switching matrix of auto diagnostic tool can realize arbitrary switching of 2-way 13 channels through channel switching matrix..

 Change-over switch

  Fcar automotive fault diagnostic scanner ... Read More

FUSO Diagnosis Engine diagnosis principles and check
Posted On 07/24/2014 03:32:16 by fcars
Chassis Model:FV51JK
Engine Model:6M70
Engine diagnosis principles and check:

   With the development of technology and atmospheric environmental protection, diesel vehicles are gradually applying electronic controlled engine Euro III, Euro IV etc.. During repair, auto diagnostic scanner is required for diagnosis and inspection, some inspection methods and steps for using Fcar car scanner to diagnos... Read More

How to use Fcar Jumper to diagnose connectors in different shapes of pin...
Posted On 07/24/2014 03:31:26 by fcars
Fcar automotive diagnostic tool is equipped with various kinds of diagnostic connectors in different shapes of pin for most vehicles. Yet for part of models, Connection failure occurs although used corresponding diagnostic connectors due to disunity of diagnostic connector connection methods or artificial damage, refitting or wrong connection of diagnostic connector. For such cases, you can use jumper box for jumper connection.

Introduction of Jumper box and jumper
... Read More

First, to understand the relationship between the node jumper box and...
Posted On 07/24/2014 03:27:04 by fcars
1#:K line; 2#:K line;
3#:K line; GND:Ground wire(negative);
7#:RSR232+, J1708+, K line;8#:K line;
9#:K line; 10#:K line;
11#:K line; 12#:K line;
13#:K line; 14#:CAN‐L;
15#:RSR232‐, K line, J1708‐, L line
VCC: power line(Positive); POWER:Power indicator.
Remark: If lack of vehicle electrical equipment knowledge or unable to confirm electrical equipment power supply, please don... Read More

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