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34 years old
Fort Smith, Arkansas
United States

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RV INFO: Class C Motorhome
ROAD STATUS: FTNH - Fulltimer No House
EMPLOYMENT: Entrepeneur
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Playing music, swimming, adventuring on foot, movies, acting, singing, cycling, painting, working in a big garden, cooking, etc

Looking forward to them all!

My camera!

Hello fellow Rvers! I have just recently bought a Toyota Dolphin! We are looking to start our big travels in just about 2 weeks! We have been to a few places but the big adventure is yet to start! I love music, I play the cello, Ukulele and Guitar. I love to paint, read, travel, sing and swim! I love animals and nature and I love meeting kind hearted people and interesting folks!

Look out world!

Animals, our RV, wine, kind people, scary movies, mermaids, hula hooping, swimming, antiques, bumper stickers, long hair, being barefoot, music, concerts, festivals, art, music, babies, my grandparents, fireplaces, candles, cooking, creating, traveling, surfing, gardening, reading, drive in theaters, my dogs, my friends, hats, dreads, birds, the ocean, the desert, etc

Stickiest, suckiest was totally in the heart of Houston, TX where we stayed for a week. Eek!

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07/18/2011 16:23:56

Hi there, 

Those Toyotas are super cool. I recently moved into a 35' Southwind, I couldn't imagine moving into something smaller. It was tough enough getting rid of as much as I have already.  

Good luck getting started! 

07/15/2011 03:59:35

bkstinson wrote:
Hi Robin! Nice to meet you, my name is Britt and my husband and I are doing the same thing! Packing our two dogs in our rv and selling pretty much everything we own! It feels good!!!
It is a flipping lot of work!  Just take what people are willing to offer and be done with it. I met people I liked and would have given it away, and others that outright offended me with their cheap offers.  By the 2nd and 3rd garage sale, I was like, take it already.  Now I'm still working on the little stuff and trying to reduce more. What I am doing is kicking it to the curb and advertising on Craigslist that it is free, come get it.  The neighborhood consider me a regular shopping mall with new items daily, hehe. Once they have picked through it all (and take parts they want, leaving the next person to have to scrounge up the missing part for the item left) then I just pack up the leftovers and take it to the HOPE truck a block away by our Safeway.  It sure helps that the trash-pickers lighten my load, hehe.

It is so ironic to be attempting a life of less and watching people pick up more crap to their life of more. Quite ironic, funny, and interesting.

I have met a lot of nice people during this process.


07/15/2011 03:53:46

bkstinson wrote:

  Yes, we are very similar! Awesome, I will surely follow your blog and follow me too! Lets be buddies in blogworld! That is so cool that you are going solo!! You will do just fine and meet so many awesome folk! I hope to see you on the road as well dear!  Peace



You got it! Whoohooo! Can't wait to meet you!

07/15/2011 03:39:40

Welcome!  I like a lot of the same things you do.  I think we will get a long just fine.  Hope to see you out on the road! Stay in touch and view my blog for the latest where I am at.  


 We'll be on the road on our way to San Diego (my son driving my SUV as I am helping him move using the RV) then I go solo. Scary but exciting, too. 


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