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Heading Home

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We just puchased a Smoothtalker. Where we live we don't get cell coverage but just down the road we were able to pick it up with this other thingy we had got. Do hope that this will work.

We have been rv'ing for 3 years, our first was a travel trailer. So glad we upgraded to the M/H. We have gone for 3 months this time, the longest ever.Hoping to find a place to relocate for the winter months. Next fall we hope to head to North Datoka to St. Lewis Down around Texas then back to Nevada somewheres. Who knows! The freedom to go anywhere is a totaly new thing. Liking it....Will love it as I remenber that This is where I live. I found myself putting tons off till I get home.
Fuel around Redway Calif. where we stayed for a month. Its in the Redwoods, wow 4.79, 5.00 bucks just down the road. We only used one tank of gas in this 3 month trip. Sure hope that the prices go down, that will totaly tells us about our next trip out.

Quilting, gardening which am doing this year.

If you ever get to Brookings Oregon, AtRiver's Edge R.V Resort is great.
When I figure out how to up load the right size pics I will post the camps we have been at.The Oregon Caost is mostly where we have been. The state parks are great......We find it hard to find good state parks in Calif. when we had the travel trailer we went to the Sacormento area. There's a park owed by power company (Nuclar plant on site)Wonderful park....I hear that along the coast is where the parks are. The ones we had seen had really small sites.And not really cared for, but now even less with thier 10% cut across the board.

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09/23/2008 16:35:58

bill4holly wrote:
Am on my way home and no web except dail-up... that is really slow. Planning on working on my page as soon as I Figure IT OUT. Still figurng out myspace...........Looking forward to finding someone who has been in the areas we hope to go next fall. The freedom is great. A simple life


Hi Bill, how are you?  So where did you end up this fall? We are in Colorado for the next couple weeks and then we are heading to Florida! Angie


03/05/2008 16:25:04

Welcome to the site! That is a great picture of your RV - where was that taken?


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