Title: Anxious to get on the road
Blog Entry: I bought my 1979 Mallard last Summer for $2,000.  We made it past one exit on the highway after I drove it off the lot.  It has been sitting at the mechanic's until I come up with the money for a new engine.  I expected that would be the case before I bought it.  Once I get that done (hopefully soon), I will start cleaning up the inside.  I'd like to be on the road by April.   Given my current responsibilities, I will probably not be full-time living in the RV.  I want to take as much time as I can on the road the next year to figure out if this is something that could work for me.  My work is online, but I also have a small store and employ my sister and I don't want to close down shop yet.  I'm looking forward to going places I've never been and making new friends!