Title: Are we nucking futs....
Blog Entry:  My wife and I have been working for the past 30+ yrs ,and there is no end in sight of the stress from work and bills and endless maintenance on our house. Retirement planning  seems like a road to knowhere.  My wife works in retail as a manager at large  store. I work in IT tech support in a apparal  company. Togther we make over 6 figures and we are actually thinking of giving up everything!, house, cars boat ect, moving into  our 16ft coachmen clipper (purchased in 2012) with our small dog , quitting our jobs and hitting the road to see the country we love so much.  Problem is ...   were scared to death to try it. We love the camping life but  we want to keep our house in NJ but have 14yrs to go to pay it off. Renting it out is an option but renters are a pain in the A**.  By the time we get done and are to old to rv the house will be in some needed repair I am sure.  I am hoping I can find some peple in the NuRvers website who can help shed our fears and free us from the anchors of life.