Title: planning trip around entire U.S on a budget
Blog Entry: We are a family of 5 currently living in our 1997 35' motorhome in S. California. We live life to the fullest and are very adventurist! Our plan is to see as much as we can with no real time limits. We are planning on leaving in late June (when kids get out) and head north east and then go from there. We are in our late 30's but the kids are growing fast and time flies by so by choice have been full timing it yet continuing with our normal life's (work, school, soccer, softball etc) I'm a general contractor here and have picked up work thru friends and relatives in multiples states that we are planning on visitting. If you have any suggestions for must sees or work that needs to be done please let me know!! (Many refrences) When we start our travels we can be followed by #motterhome