Title: Glad to be here...what's Nu?
Blog Entry: (Originally posted on FB site) - What make us Nu? Well, in addition to 'passing' some of the recent Nu-ness 'tests' :) we will be traveling in a style we haven't seen mentioned on here yet.  While eldercare and career responsibilities mean we will continue to live just outside of Washington DC in Maryland, that doesn't mean we can't explore our world a little bit at a time.  We are currently in the preparation stage to buy a smaller RV--like a Winnebago View--that we will keep out West.  Thanks to my wife's job as a flight attendant, we frequently fly out West on weekends and especially to her home town of San Diego.  Our plans are to do the same but park the RV near a major airport in the West, explore that area on weekends, and then move to another location.  Our nomadic explorations will involve an RV and planes.  Hope to meet you along the way...