Title: New to the site, but not really new to the lifestyle
Blog Entry: I have lived in cars, vans, trailers, and more recently a bus most of my life ... Except for the time I spent in the army and relativly short periods of time, it has always been home.   Originally, when I was younger, It was a matter of not having money to rent ... I did a lot of what I hear is called stealth camping, although I dont know how stealt I am.  I have an inherrant "need" for electrical gadgets ... stereo,tv and of course internet. I have and do spend time in walmart parking lots, I have never been bothered other than people asking who famous is on my bus (Since I got the bus anyway). I have rented spots to stay in rv parks, state parks and off of craigslist from people who have property, I have stayed in friends driveways ... whatever needs to be done to get by.   I work on cars/trucks both gas and diesel, and I do construction ... not great on steady income, but I try to make what I have last. I spend a lot of time on craigslist looking for work or finding things to trade that I can fix and resell/trade for something else.   I have found that when I was in a house, I accumulated a lot of ... well, junk for lack of a better word. Somehow, stuff just kept piling up. Being in an rv, you get a good idea of what you need and what you dont ... space is at a minimum (I carry tools which take a LOT of space), so you dont collect things you dont need.   Although it may be hard to believe, I am a single guy ... so my needs are not much.  I tend to eat out as cheep as possible instead of doing dishes, using power or propane to cook. I end up buying foods that do not need to be in the fridge and usually stuff that does not need to be cooked ... but thats just being a single guy ... I of course have a generator, power inverter, stove, microwave etc ... just seems more cost effective to not use them.   I tend to try and park near bathrooms, and go to friends houses for showers/laundry. Laundromats are not bad, but most can not accomodate a big vehiclelike the 45' bus.  When I had a truck nd trailer, I could unhook, but was always worried that the trailer could be imounded for improper parking or just stolen.     Im still trying to find a way to generate a "stable" income that would allow more traveling or longer term parking at an rv spot, or whatever.     I look forward to hearing from others for ideas or if you have any questions I can answer