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Brave? Or Crazy?

mem_normal OFFLINE
56 years old
United States

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RV INFO: Class A Motorhome
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EMPLOYMENT: Entrepeneur
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May 05 2010, 6:09 pm by aggiegrrrl
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One year in Japan as an English teacher.
Two years in Germany as an exchange student.
One year in Singapore (dad works for an oil company, we got transferred).
Lived in Philly for two years before buying the Chieftain.
Never, not once, been in a motorhome/fifth wheel/camper/whatever until we bought ours in October 2009.

Not a whole helluva lot yet as we have really only been on the road for a month. That was one crappy winter, wasn't it? But, it was only just so bad as we were on Big Pine Key in Florida and I managed to get sunburned on New Year's Eve.

04/17/2010 14:39:34
03/11/2010 21:43:47

I have no idea what a "social widget" is. Please enlighten me.

Eh, go see my facebook page or my blog. Also, you can meet us on our profile, FreeRangeHumans.

Thanks ever so! ;)

Margaritas, red wine, chips with salsa and queso, cats, dogs, furry animals, books, movies, TV, cigarettes even though I quit smoking, travel, cooking, sparkly things, glitter, sarcasm, smart mouths, pretty boys, pretty girls, my brother, gay and lesbian clubs, CW clubs, my green cowboy boots, my holey Nike long sleeved tee, the scent of grapefruit, Aggie football even though we suck

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10/12/2010 21:21:46

brave or crazy??  do you have to choose?!  I think I want your green cowboy boots!

And oh - I have no idea what a "social widget" is either - but maybe it's like facebook??? 


10/12/2010 00:09:25
We need to play sometime!!!!!!! xoxo Lesia and Brian

04/17/2010 17:31:59
Looking forward to meeting you guys at the rally!!  We'll have a blast.  Chris' father also worked for an oil company and was transferred all over, he did some growing up in indonesia. 

09/26/2009 17:50:47

Hi aggiegrrrl - welcome to the site!! Great to have you here!

There is SUCH a fine line between brave and crazy. Don't worry about which side you are one :) 



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