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it is what it is

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69 years old
Ann Arbor, Michigan
United States

Gulf Air RV Resort, FT Myers Beach, FL

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always playing catch-up w/ technology


Karla and I retired, sold the house and left Michigan May 16, 2009. I was a construction superintendent and Karla was in the mortgage, real estate and title work business. Good to be away from all of that now. We are just roaming about the country till we find something better to do. We work camp a bit to help out.

finding odd site-seeing adventures, kayaking, photography, golf, hiking, downhill skiing, biking, happy hour, listening to lots of music but I do like the blues.

suckiest: 1. Lake Paradise Camping Club outside Kansas City, and on our honeymoon weekend after all. 2. bay 1 of the Rush Ford Truck repair center, Denver CO....we need a new engine! And on our way to my daughters wedding

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11/16/2010 16:48:33

acoupleofboomers wrote:

Thanks...you guys sound like us! (I think I've said that before) We also plan to winter in AZ and I am a CPA (work part-time) so do want to be in one spot from March 1 to April 15th, but before that it's all up in the air. Will be interested in following your research!

BeBe wrote:

do you know anything about the campgrounds in Parker??

We drove thru Parker last year and saw some rv parks on the river that looked interesting. We are Coast to Coast members and some of the parks are Western Horizon which we have access to thru C2C. We have no plans other than AZ for the winter. No reservations yet any where. Thinking of visiting a bunch of parks in Camp Verde, Mesa, Casa Grande and Yuma areas. Might try for some work camping also. And I am still undecided on our route south from here. It is weather dependent and either thru Las Vegas and Kingman or head East and South thru Parker and Flagstaff. What a deliema we are in. The other night host here is from Prescott and I need to ask him (soon) for some advice.  

11/16/2010 15:42:23
do you know anything about the campgrounds in Parker??

11/16/2010 04:43:03
just checked out your blog...sweet! We have been to a few of the same campgrounds...eager to pick your brain about more of them!

11/16/2010 04:03:23

acoupleofboomers wrote:

We are heading south into AZ Dec 1, just not sure where yet.  I think Parker first. And we would like to meet up too. Where's next for you guys?

I did see where you guys are from S Lake Tahoe, we love it there. We have stayed in both the City CG by the Lake and Tahoe Valley Resort. Skied twice there. Love it. We were scheduled to volunteer at the city park  this summer but it didn't work out. We are currently waiting to see if we can make it happen next summer. Lets keep in touch to see if a meet up can be arranged

We love Tahoe Valley CG - let us know if you need any help with connections - we have reservations there from Jul 15-Sept 15 and of course, we are back in Tahoe often for work, friends and skiing whenever possible.  Next we go to Palm Desert for Thanksgiving from 11/23 until about 12/7 - then will head out to AZ...just heard about a great campground in Mesa - Usery?? And also the Palms in Yuma...We will spend a month boondocking in Quartzite just before the NuRVers NYers eve celebration until the end of January...then have to figure the rest out... 

When you figure out where you'll be the 2nd week in Dec let us know - we are completely open between 12/7 and the end of the year... 

11/14/2010 01:34:12
hey there  - we're not that far away, we should try to meet up!  We are "a couple of boomers" too and seem to enjoy the same things!

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