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04/25/2013 00:41:50
Oh my, we wish your husband well and hope things turn in his favor. We just spent winter in NY and wssnt much fun either. We would normaly have traveled to the southwest for the cold season, but sitting out this winter helped us save money for a larger travel trailer, which was much needed:)  NY isnt a very RV friendly state, and so we are getting ready now to travel west again for summer. This will be our first summer out west and so looking forward to it. We plan to take our time crossing the country ,stopping to camp here and there, If you know any cool spots, good tips are always a help.  But anyway, If any time yr up for a chat, we're members of  the NU RVers group at facebook, and my personal facebook can be found by searching tg2lynch@yahoo or ( tg2lynch@frontiernet.net)  just friend request us and we'll be good to go:)  

So anyway, hows live out in WI. We've never been there and I always wondered what its like. Do you two do any traveling around or do you spend most time there in Wi? 

Wish the two of you all the best.  Tom & marilyn

04/24/2013 12:14:33
lol... Chatting seems to be hard to come by around this site, I cant even get a comment on photos I've posted   But hell I'll chat any time :)

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