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Embracing Nomadic Serendipity

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49 years old
Green Cove Springs, Florida
United States

Cedar Key, FL

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RV INFO: Class A Motorhome
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Sailing, world travel, cruising, pilot/ultralight, skydiving, kayaking.. and perhaps, space travel?


The most joyous part of our journey is all the incredible people we meet along the way. We love love love nomadic rendezvouses!

You can see our full arsenal of tech at Mobile Tech & Internet Arsenal

Hi! We're Chris & Cherie. Chris started solo on the road in April 2006 in a tiny 16' Tab trailer, based out of San Francisco. Cherie was in Florida, and we met shortly therafter via a Prius forum.

We did a 7 month trial on the road together in that tiny Tab, and decided - Yes! Cherie sold her home in Florida, and we commissioned our ideal technomadic home to be built for two - a 17' fiberglass RV. After a winter in the US Virgin Islands, we've decided that a vintage bus is likely our next step. In June 2011, we purchased a 1961 GM 4106 (35' bus) with a nice conversion to work from into transforming into a technomadic home & office.

We're technomads who take up fun work projects doing various tech consulting and software development that we work on remotely and/or temporarily onsite. We also wrote 'The Mobile Internet Handbook' and launched RVMobileInternet.com to help educate our fellow RVers about keeping online.

And we also create mobile RVing appsLine of iPhone Apps specific to road trip travelers.

Serendipity, Burning Man, Community, Technology, Bettering the World, Inspiration.

We love the variety of places we stay at - from state/national parks & forests, urban warehouses, friend's driveways, llama ranches, tennis courts, scenic boondocking and the occasional commercial campground.

The suckiest campgrounds tend to be the 'rack em stack em' variety - the ones that are way overpriced and offer nothing more than a decent location. But heck, in some situations - that's all we need.

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01/28/2014 08:31:51

Love following you and will continue until I can hit the road in a couple of years.

 Keep up the great work,

Cheryl Charming 

07/07/2013 03:39:03
Hello! Nice to see you again, we are following you on instagram. We are "Nu" Rvers and have read a lot of your blog and watched a few videos. Glad to connect with you on here. Still adapting to this site layout.

04/20/2013 21:05:47

Hi Guys, We loved your video. We joined in 2012...but had a delay in our goal of becoming full-timers...but it looks like we are close! Hope to see you on here. By the way we love cats too...we have two!! Miss Tehya & Mo

Tehyasmom(John & Mari)

12/12/2012 01:17:36
Hi again! Guess you are in a bit warmer locale than I. I am in Lebanon TN. Trying to take care of some health issues and other business. Survived a severe heart attack March 30th 12; so i'm recuperating and hoping to be back working in March 2013.

12/06/2012 19:07:40
Dig the new avatar!!

09/20/2010 19:07:43
wanted to give you an update on the Millencom wifi - we have one Mifi with Verizon, $50 no contract but 5G limit - went through this myself I little too fast. Purchased a Sprint Mifi on Ebay & signed up with Millenicom's byod program of 10+G's $70 no contract & I am on & connected. Sprint basically has no service in Tahoe but I have a super strong signal. Thanks for the Millenicom tip!!

09/07/2010 16:57:52
just got your State Lines app - looks great!

07/07/2010 02:58:12
Hey guys - That State Lines app looks super cool and useful. Makes me want to get an Iphone...

04/16/2010 23:35:28

Technomadia wrote:
Welcome to our Freak Revolution on Wheels :)

I'm just relieved to know we're NOT the only ones out here ... :)  Sorry we'll miss out on the TX Rally this year but we've plans for SXSW next time around and hope to meet IRL some of those we've befriended here in cyberspace.


02/26/2010 13:42:35

Technomadia wrote:
Welcome to a place where you're amongst peers :)   


Why thank you! It's so unusual (as I was just thinking to myself as I went for a bike ride this AM and passed by the building where all the old ladies are doing a "walking tape" instead of heading outside and really getting the old blood pumping!) Ah, me...


I want very much to hear the whole story of your living entirely off the grid -- Matt and I are still fairly attached to hookups because we like to park in one spot for several weeks or a month at a time (and even with conservative water usage, you're going to need to dump about once a week or so -- isn't that a pain to have to pack up and drive off to find a dump station?) Do tell!

06/04/2009 21:34:07

Hi Chris and Cherie,

We were in St. Louis over Thanksgiving. If you haven't seen it, the architecture at Union Station is beautiful, though stores are touristy stuff mostly. The Whispering Wall (?) upstairs there is amazing!

 BTW, how do you look for people on here? I tried to find y'all last night. Thank you again for the great resources on your website. I'm checking out McKinney State Park right now for next week.

Mara & Stewart

01/26/2009 23:09:21

Technomadia wrote:

Pleasure to find you guys too... indeed we sound like we'd have a lot of fun meeting up!  We also have ties in Florida, we're actually flying back to Florida tomorrow for a bit (Melbourne - where Cherie was when we met).

Are you guys going to Burning Man this year?  We're hosting a camp specifically for nomads :)  

We are kicking around BM this year. Unfortunately, we won't take this home out there, and I did too many years in a tent out there - that will NOT happen again :) If we can find a decent Craigslist deal, we will probably roll out there.  And thanks for the camp offer!


01/22/2009 17:05:43

Welcome Chris & Cherie! We seem to have a lot in common! Ang and I are from the Bay Area, on the road, doing web work. Also Burners!

Look forward to running into you guys IRL someday down the road. Thanks for joining!


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