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62 years old
Atkinson, New Hampshire
United States

Atkinson NH

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Oct 07 2012, 2:41 am by Soody
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I love the outdoors. Walk hike paddle sightsee beach camp ski. Also like art, gardening boating music cooking. Visiting the Parks. Travels.

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10/06/2013 20:46:28

Hi Snoody,


Thank you for your beautiful comment to my blog.  I wondered if you would like to be friends here on Nurvers.


~smiles warmly~


10/11/2012 00:13:37

HI Soody - Sure! Feel free to email me anytime - there's a link to my email from my website at www.TheSilverSnail.com


Soody wrote:
Hi Sharon,
I just saw that you are FT -you and Harley. I am just starting out and considering going FT maybe next year. My current TT is not really built for FT or for anything other than fair to cool weather (but it's just so cute!). It will do for now while I start out anyway. I'm wondering if I can pick your brain from time to time regarding the process and your take on the whole FT thing. Thanks, see you on the forums.
Su H.

10/02/2012 11:39:59

Soody wrote:
I saw your punkin chuckin pic from Moab- fun! I am going on my first voyage from NH and Moab is my 'first destination'. I love it there on Mars and look forward to a visit when I can hike in less than 97 degree temps!! haha Arches is one of my favorite spots so far in my -limited but soon to expand- travels!



Welcome to NuRVers! Moab is one of my favorite places. I hope to be back there this winter. Just can't get enough!



09/30/2012 19:41:34

Hi Soody!

I am so new to this, that I have NO idea what I am doing (this site). Thank you for your kind words on our coach. We are super excited to get started with her.

To answer your question, yes and no on being out in it. Yes, if you include the test drive and no, not to travel yet. However, that is planned for this coming weekend. She is still at the dealer getting some bits fixed and updated. Hopefully we will get her back before the weekend hits. 

This is our 4th Coach so I can give you an idea of how it drives. This particular coach (Winnebago) is amazingly agile on the road. The Winnebago Brave that we traded in, was taller off the ground (but vertically shorter than the new one - does that make sense?) and when I drove it, it seemed to be a bit harder to control. Not impossible but just a bit more squirrely in cross-wind situations or trucks passing. The new one, weighs quite a bit more, is longer in length and taller but sits lower to the ground so Hubby says that it drives more "tight". 

We do have a toad. She is a 97 Mazda Miata and tows very well. Matter of fact, I tended to forget she was even there unless I looked at the backup camera monitor. 

I have a seperate blog from this that I started before joining, so if you'd like to follow my ADD mind over on that, the address is http://weloverving.blogspot.com

Keep in touch and I'd love to hear about your travels! 

Bonnie Graham

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