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Slab City Fulltime Resident - Robi

mem_normal OFFLINE
66 years old
Slab City, California
United States

Slab City, California

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RV INFO: Class A Motorhome
ROAD STATUS: FTNH - Fulltimer No House
HAPPY PLACE: Anywhere Warm
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I was a flight attendant for 20 years. Traveled many places domestically and internationally, but really did not get to see/feel much of the places visited as we were only there 10-14 hours, usually overnight. Great experience, glad I had that opportunity, but hate airports and stress involved.

I haven't flown since 2006...I sure miss interacting with people (passengers mostly, some flight attendants, some were nasty, LOL)

Took my son to Paris when he was about 9 (after 9/11) that was very cool...alas, he is not interested in traveling with mom...so just me and the dogs (and baby sis cat). UPDATE: The cat decided to stay with her lil buddies in an RV park in San Diego County...lots of trees...she is happy.

Hooked up with the Loners on Wheels group who have taught me lots. Currently in Slab City fulltime in my rig

My 200 watt solar panel!!!



06/20/2012 14:57:34
07/15/2011 03:52:10

Ummm huh?

Update: I live fulltime at Slab CIty. Will buy a van and travel again this summer with my two dogs.

I would rather Boondock (Dry Camp, or whatever) than stay in a park due to the space I like to have for me and the two medium size dogs. Most RV parks squish the sites too close and to me that is like living in an apartment complex...not my style, but sometimes it is necesary.


Film and Philosophy, Spiritually kind hearts.
Lobster, cheese, wine, champaigne, margaritas and anything with avocados.

I have been to LoLoMai in Sedona and stayed in their little cabins. Loved it! My son liked the charging geese, lol (boy they sure can be meeean.

City of Rocks in New Mexico is awesome.

Suckiest: any RV camp in San Diego...too crowded and expensive.

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10/26/2012 14:14:58
   I tried to add you as a friend. Interesting blog! If I ever get out your way; maybe stop in for a Howdy Hi! I added you as a friend and shows in my Friends.

08/11/2012 15:09:00
Are you still at slab City? Havn't really contacted you before. I am one of the oldster; at a young 61. Still have the old 988 Cl-C. I am in Lebanon. Tenn. in a small country park for about six weeks and trying to get some medical taken care of. Heart attack survivor as of march 2012.

01/02/2012 20:38:49
Hey, Robin! I was thinking the same thing about the Social Widget. I thought I was computer smart...lol

10/14/2011 14:51:48
Hey, Robin! Remember me? :)) I was offline during our transition out of the house and into the RV. What a wild and crazy adventure! Life has now settled into a soft purr, and I have ben thinking about you! How is everything? :)

07/15/2011 05:24:07

 I know exactly how you feel! I am in that process too, now! We have done a few road trips but our real leaving date/adventure starts August 11th! Whew! I am nervous but super duper excited! Yes, I am doing the same with my stuff. I am packing up a few things to take with me. A few outfits, household items and belongings that I enjoy and thats it. Its just getting rid of everything else thats the problem! I've got a bus, a truck, a tv, 2 couches, a huge tv stand, a coffee table, etc to sell before we leave! hehe I am overwhelmed! Blah!! Wish we could help one another! hehehe!!

 Thats so funny that you say that because I was just talking to Matt, my husband, tonight about how we are selling pretty much everything and leaving and everyone else is buying more crap! I think this adventure will really help me appreciate more important things in life. I have never been big on having things but I probably have way more than I need! This is why I am glad I am doing this!

07/15/2011 03:48:21

  Yes, we are very similar! Awesome, I will surely follow your blog and follow me too! Lets be buddies in blogworld! That is so cool that you are going solo!! You will do just fine and meet so many awesome folk! I hope to see you on the road as well dear!  Peace



07/14/2011 23:39:47
P.S...I freakin' loooooove avacados!

07/14/2011 23:39:26
Hi Robin! Nice to meet you, my name is Britt and my husband and I are doing the same thing! Packing our two dogs in our rv and selling pretty much everything we own! It feels good!!!

05/16/2011 18:16:49
Did you just move into a converted UPS truck?

05/05/2011 05:17:40

BeBe wrote:
ANYTHING WITH AVOCADOS!!  We can be friends ;)

05/04/2011 15:13:43
ANYTHING WITH AVOCADOS!!  We can be friends ;)

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