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2001 Holiday Rambler Endevour & 2009 Tacoma 4x4

mem_normal OFFLINE
46 years old
Bakersfield, California
United States

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RV INFO: Class A Motorhome
TOW VEHICLE: Toad - Truck
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Too many, too disperse and waaaay too long ago. It's time for some new ones, as well as a reduction in stress & learning to work to live & not live to work... Again.

MacBookPro, iPhone G3, iPad, AppleTV, sweet liitle Lenovo net book running Linux (Ubuntu), several external drives I will be consolidating... And I will be adding a Mac Mini to control it all later. Needless to say, I am fond of Apple's products (well, since OS X came out) and Linux, windowsvis a last resort for me.

this will come in a while as I revamp

2001 Holiday Rambler Endevour 35
2009 Tacoma 4x4 (once I get a drive disconnect installed)

Hmmm, will have to think more on this, in short: Cajun, Male, Mid-30's, been in corporate hel for 15+ years and made it all the way to CIO/CTO and almost killed myself with overwork and have nothing to show for it. I finally realized when 2 subordinates in our corporation who had 1/4 of my work, died the same week, it was time to get out while I could, cause I was next. Also, I am sick of constantly hiding a cajun accent because up-tight suits assume if you sound like you just walk outta the swamp, then you must be dumb as a gator, lol. That's just the kind of self-degradation that makes me wonder about humans in general sometimes, lol. Ok, that's waaaay more info than I intended, especially typing on an iPad ;)

Many, but most revolve around nature, history, the human mind and spirit, with dosescof odd comedy thrown in from time to time "cake or death..."

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