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Working and Living Our Dream Life

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53 years old
Red Feather Lakes, Colorado
United States

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Motorcycling around the U.S. and in Spain; backpacking in the Western U.S., four-time Burning Man survivors (92-96), scuba diving the Channel Islands and Cozumel ... and anything outdoorsy, anywhere.

Flux Rostrum in his veggie oil powered Mobile Broadcast News bus.

While workamping on an organic farm in Vero Beach, FL we became friends with the owners Brian and Valerie.

Kim and Regis, homeschooling three kids on the road in an RV.

Chris and Liz of GypsyMoments.com who escaped big city life.

Fellow workampers Lee and Karen, while volunteering at Safe Harbor Animal Rescue in Maysville, SC.

Judd and Carol from Georgia.

Don the recumbent cyclist pedaling across Michigan.

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Working to Find the Dream Life

Empowring business. Enriching Lives.

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Writing Portfolio of Rene Agredano
Better to Hop on Three Legs Than to Limp on Four

01/19/2008 01:49:30

Have you ever considered taking a long sabbatical to really explore what you want to be when you grow up?

In June 2007, we did just that.

When our dog Jerry was diagnosed with bone cancer in late 2006, we quickly made plans that changed our lives forever. By June, 2007 we had sold our business, home and nearly everything we owned. We hit the road in an RV to explore the country leaving the corporate world behind – and never looked back.

Over the next three years we traveled the country in search of the next big thing. After building a couple online communities and considering various business opportunities, we realized we could never return to typical day jobs.

Today as we criss-cross the country, we are sharing our road trip experience with others who dream of embarking upon a similar adventure someday.

To support the RV lifestyle we love so much, we earn our income a number of different ways…

Rene is a freelance writer, Jim is a graphic designer and together we handle marketing for the perfect work from home company. This U.S. based manufacturer helps us maintain our goal of personal wellness and financial freedom with steady commission checks simply by generating referrals.

We operate this business and help others do the same, from the comfort of our own home – wherever it may be parked today.

A good happy hour cocktail.

Three legged dogs.

Watching our office view change whenever we want it to.

  • Near Mexican Hat, Utah. A BLM spot along the San Juan River in a canyon, with few others around.

  • Seedhouse campground in the Routt National Forest outside Steamboat Springs, CO.

  • The Slabs. But that's not really a campground now, is it?

Any KOA, anywhere. OK, Devil's Tower was pretty cool. But ya gotta admit, most KOAs suck!

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06/13/2013 18:00:01
Hello!  Thanks for adding me as a friend   We are hoping to be on the road fulltime within 18 months, sooner if possible.  We'll look forward to meeting up with you!

11/30/2011 14:51:41

LiveWorkDream wrote:
Hey thanks for friending us! Hope tomeet up with you on the road!

Your welcome!  We will keep our eyes open for the chance!

10/11/2010 22:43:59

LiveWorkDream wrote:
 Yes,probably in January,right after New Year's. We can't wait to meet you two too-lol! Better be ready to do some sake bombs!!!!!! xoxo Lesia(Rene middle name) and Brian

Get OUT! Who's the Rene?

Welcome guys, we can't wait to meet you. See you in the desert this winter? 

08/02/2010 14:32:50
hi! thanks so much for the warm greeting! totally agree on your comment that once you live on the road there is no going back.  it is in our blood, although this will be the first time being on the road full time since having two littles (4) and (2).  look forward to building community with you all.

05/01/2010 22:10:48

Thanks for the comment. I regret not getting more one on one with you. It was so overwhelming and exciting for me. It took me 12 hours to get to Denton which is only maybe 5 hours away.

Can't wait to read more on yours and some other blogs to get to know everyone more. It seemed liked there was such a variety. 

I will be tracking you down and seeing when we can meet up again with less people, potlucks and purpose. ha ha... 

I.m in Denton now ... pimpin out my rig, getting my blog back up and trying to create/manage some passive income. 

I can still hear your laugh Rene and see Jim in that creepy orange costume. lol



11/05/2008 14:36:19

Hello my new friends.   Damon here.  In reference to your question.  I am a pharmacist who specializes in toxicology.  I work at the New Mexico Poison Control Center and basically I help manage and care for patients who have been poisoned.  Chuck is an electrical engineer who specializes in aircraft and defence avionics.  
(Thank goodness he is great at trouble shooting the RV!!)

We are both kind of tied to New Mexico.  Our jobs are here but more than that I am finishing up my doctorate and have about another 18 months left.

I hope that chuck will be able to retire in the next few years and unfortunately I have about 9 years left before I can retire. 

We both love the RV lifestyle and the freedom it brings.  We spend as much time as we can in the RV.   Even if it is just for the weekend.   We call it our traveling condo.

What are you guys doing for work at this time?

11/04/2008 13:59:59
Jim and RenA ( sorry dont know how to do the tilde). Thanks for the message.   I have lived in the  Land of Enchantement all my life.  It is a beautiful place.   I heard about you on this site and then I think I saw a link to your site at another RV site.  So many to know which one.....
Where are you now?

11/04/2008 04:51:38
Hi my name is Damon.  I live in Albuquerque NM.  I cant believe you were in Tres Piedras.  Who would have thunk it.  My family owned land there for years.  It is a beautiful place.  If you are ever this way again drop us a line.

01/23/2008 19:07:19
Hey - looks like we are finally on the same coast! We are meeting up with Cat and Bryan over here, and probably won't have time to pop down to meet up with you two. But, at least we share the same sunrise view for now

01/17/2008 23:57:34

Whoo hoo!! Glad you guys made it over. If anyone else is reading this comment and has NOT seen the LiveWorkDream.com website, go there now!




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